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  • Ontario Announces Trade Mission to China

    Ontario Announces Trade Mission to China

    Premier Wynne to Showcase Ontario Businesses to Help Attract Investments, Create Jobs Across the Province

    Premier Kathleen Wynne announced today that she is going on a trade mission to China to build new partnerships and attract investments which will lead to new jobs across Ontario.

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  • Ontario's Deficit $1.3 Billion Lower Than Forecast in 2013 Budget

    Ontario's Deficit $1.3 Billion Lower Than Forecast in 2013 Budget

    Government Managing Spending Growth While Investing in Ontario’s Future

    Ontario's final deficit number for 2013-14 was $10.5 billion -- $1.3 billion lower than projected in the 2013 Budget, and $0.8 billion lower than the interim projection in the 2014 Budget. As announced in today's release of the Public Accounts of Ontario 2013-14, this marks the fifth year in a row that Ontario has beaten its deficit target -- making the province one of the only governments in Canada to achieve this level of success. As a result, Ontario's accumulated deficit is $25 billion lower than it otherwise would have been. 

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  • Supporting Skilled Trades in Ontario

    Ontario is appointing former Secretary of Cabinet and Head of the Ontario Public Service, Tony Dean, to review key areas of Ontario's skilled trades system that fall within the mandate of the Ontario College of Trades.

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  • Get Your Flu Shot Every Year and Get It Early

    Everyone is susceptible to getting the flu. It can cause serious health complications and even death, particularly for children under five, pregnant women, seniors and people with underlying health conditions.

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  • Improving Road Safety

    Ontario is introducing legislation that, if passed, would help keep the province's roads among the safest in North America by reducing collisions, injuries and fatalities.

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