Province launches E-Commerce Export Guide to help small business

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Province launches E-Commerce Export Guide to help small business

MISSISSAUGA, ON, Nov. 23 /CNW/ - Ontario's new E-Commerce Export Guide will help small-and medium-sized exporting businesses expand into the growing field of e-commerce. Ted Chudleigh, MPP for Halton and Parliamentary Assistant to Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Trade Bob Runciman, launched the Guide today at the Small Business Information Expo in Mississauga.
The new Ontario Exports Inc. (OEI) publication is a comprehensive source of e-business information to encourage Ontario's small-and medium-sized exporting businesses to join the new digital economy.
"Information technology and electronic communications are transforming our economy", said Chudleigh. By helping Ontario companies use new technology to develop the necessary tools to increase sales and create more jobs, we can ensure that Ontario is well-positioned to be a world leader in e-business."
"The Ontario government is committed to fostering a positive climate for e-business," said Runciman. "The new Ontario E-Commerce Export Guide is just one way we are delivering on our commitment."
Ontario already has a strong foundation of e-business success to build on, demonstrated by educated consumers, a solid infrastructure, high levels of business connectivity and strong financial facilities. Increasingly, Ontario exporters are using new technologies to expand into new markets. Embracing e- commerce advancements helps Ontario enhance its competitiveness in the global economy.
The Ontario E-Commerce Export Guide is being distributed throughout Ontario's network of Small Business Enterprise Centres and Business Self-Help Offices. The guide was developed by OEI, the Province's lead trade agency, as part of the government's Digital Economy Strategy. It can be downloaded from the OEI Web site, and complements other OEI initiatives and products, including virtual trade missions and the Getting Ready to Export guide. OEI is a primary contact for Ontario small-and medium-sized exporting businesses for services including trade- and export-related services and support, including e- commerce information.

Note to news and business editors: A backgrounder on the Ontario E- Commerce Export Guide - including how companies can obtain copies - is attached.

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To view other OEI resources for SMEs, including Getting Ready to Export,
visit the Ontario Exports Inc. Web site at

Media Backgrounder
Ontario E-Commerce Export Guide

What is e-commerce?

E-commerce, or electronic commerce, is a method of conducting business using communication technologies. It involves business transactions between buyer and seller, using the Internet and other Web-based technologies. E- commerce brings the world to the vendor's doorstep - 24/7 - removing geographic barriers. It offers countless advantages, including new market opportunities, new approaches to enhancing customer service, and lower operating and processing costs.

About the Guide

The Ontario E-Commerce Export Guide is published by Ontario Exports Inc. (OEI) -- the Government of Ontario's lead trade agency. It is a user-friendly, plain-language introduction to e-commerce for exporters. It addresses questions they may have, presents key process elements for exporters to consider in planning for electronic business, and points to additional resources. It offers advice and outlines best practices to encourage small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to take advantage of exporting opportunities presented by the digital economy.
The new publication complements OEI's Getting Ready to Export, a practical manual that explores the fundamental technical and market requirements for export success and resources for SMEs.

Why is it needed?

Electronic business is expanding rapidly in the global marketplace. Leadership in e-business will help Ontario companies create jobs and maintain their competitive edge. The purpose of the Ontario E-Commerce Export Guide is to encourage Ontario exporters to seek out the opportunities offered by new technology. The Guide will help build awareness of, confidence in and access to the digital economy throughout the province.

How to obtain copies of the Guide

The Guide will also be available via Ontario Small Business Enterprise Centres and Business Self-Help Offices, field and regional offices of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, as well as business organizations, and export, professional and industry associations.
Available in both English and in French, the document can be downloaded from the Ontario Exports Inc. Web site at Companies or individuals can request a printed copy or CD-ROM via e-mail to or by calling 1-877-46TRADE toll-free.

About Ontario Exports Inc.

As Ontario's lead trade agency, OEI works with small- and medium-sized companies and entrepreneurs looking to enter or expand into new export markets by offering a variety of programs and services, and conducting trade missions, including Virtual Trade Missions, using new technology. OEI provides market intelligence and hosts seminars and conferences. The agency also co-ordinates the annual Ontario Global Traders Awards. OEI is registered to the ISO 9001 standard.

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