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Environmental Education In Ontario

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Environmental Education In Ontario

Ministry of Education

Environmental Education Course

A new optional Grade 11 science course focused on the environment is being piloted in 9 schools across Ontario. The course teaches students about energy conservation, human health and natural resources. Students will also complete a research project focused on a local environmental issue.

Environmental Education Funding

Ontario is supporting environmental education with $3 million in funding this year to continue to implement the Bondar Report. It will be used for teacher and classroom supports for delivering environmental education in all subjects in all grades. Some of the supports include e-learning resources, lesson plans, webcasts and workshops for teachers.

Other Environmental Education Initiatives

Building on the commitment to bring environmental education into every classroom, the Ministry of Education is also:

  • Increasing hands-on learning opportunities for students
  • Developing an environmental education policy by the fall to ensure high quality and relevant learning
  • Working more closely with community partners and other government ministries to enhance environmental education
  • Providing funds to support environmental projects in schools and boards
  • Providing training and resource guides to teachers.

Youth Websites

To engage youth in taking action against climate change, the Ministry of Environment launched two youth websites:

  • E-Zone gives elementary school teachers and students access to dynamic, practical, and inspiring information on environmental issues.
  • Obviously.ca was designed with high school and college-age students in mind. The site aims to be an informative, educational and entertaining source of environmental information, news and resources.



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