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TFO: Ontario's Education Television...En français

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TFO: Ontario's Education Television...En français

Ministry of Education

What is TFO?

TFO is Ontario's French-language, educational and cultural television station. TFO enriches the classroom experience through its television programming, website, and the award-winning multimedia content it produces.

Renowned as a world-leader in educational programming, TFO broadcasts eight hours of daily programs aimed at students and youth. TFO also airs documentaries, current affairs programs, movies and talk-shows to round out its offering for adults.

TFO supports French-language students, parents and teachers, through a variety of resources, including:

  • Multiple educational websites. This includes SOS Devoirs, a website that offers homework help for students, featuring a virtual library, web links, images and exercises.
  • 225 different pedagogical guides, available on the TFO website.
  • 15,000 teaching resources, available by grade and by subject matter on the TFO website.
  • Starter kits for parents of pre-school and kindergarten students.
  • TFO representatives who consult with parents to help them use TFO's resources effectively.

Quick Facts about TFO:

  • Close to 90,000 students from more than 350 schools used SOS Devoirs last year.
  • TFO makes 4,000 educational television programs available to French-language schools - 1,600 of these for free over the Internet.
  • About half of Ontario's French-language elementary and secondary school teachers regularly use TFO's programming in the classroom.
  • TFO trains more than 2,000 French-language teachers per year on how to effectively use its television programs in the classroom.



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