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Smaller Classes Benefit Over 540,000 Students

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Smaller Classes Benefit Over 540,000 Students

McGuinty Government Meets Class Size Target

Ministry of Education

Ontario's primary students are getting more individual attention from their teachers now that all Junior Kindergarten to Grade 3 classes have 23 or fewer students. Over 90 per cent of primary classes have 20 or fewer students.

That means more than 540,000 primary students are now in classes of 20 or fewer, compared to only 166,000 students five years ago.

Provincial investments have put 5,100 additional teachers in primary classes across Ontario, significantly reducing their size.

Parents can check primary class sizes at their local school by using the government's Class Size Tracker. The tracker also shows how class sizes have changed since 2003.

Quick Facts

  • Almost 100 per cent of combined Grade 3/4 classes have 23 students or fewer.
  • Students in smaller classes receive more individual attention and have greater success in the early grades.
  • One-quarter of primary classes in 2003 had 25 or more students. Today, 100 per cent of primary classes have 23 or fewer students.

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“I want to thank everyone who partnered with us to achieve this significant milestone that is having a positive impact in Ontario's elementary schools. Smaller class sizes allow for improved teaching and more individual attention which will help our students reach their full potential.”

Kathleen Wynne

Minister of Education



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