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Elementary Students Get 750,000 Gifts Of Reading

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Elementary Students Get 750,000 Gifts Of Reading

McGuinty Government Negotiates Book Discounts For School Libraries

Ministry of Education

Elementary students will soon have access to thousands more books and valuable resources in their school libraries.

A first-ever agreement between the government and 73 booksellers will allow school boards to buy library books and other resources at a significant discount - one that many school boards would not have obtained otherwise. The vendors are small, medium and large book sellers that represent 37 communities across Ontario. They include independent and specialty book stores as well as larger chains, publishers and distributors. This investment is good for Ontario's economy as vendors are required to have a presence in the province.

Agreements were sent to vendors last week and books are expected to begin arriving in elementary school libraries in March.

School libraries play an important role in student literacy. Children who develop strong reading skills in elementary school have a better chance at success in high school and beyond.

Quick Facts

  • School boards will receive pricing discounts ranging from five to 50 per cent.
  • The $15-million library book investment will provide a minimum of $1,500 for every elementary school in the province with a typical school of 300 students receiving over $3,000.
  • Since 2003, the government has provided $86 million in one-time funding for textbooks and library resources.
  • Children with early exposure to books and reading will be better equipped for performing mathematical tasks in addition to having strong literacy skills.

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“This agreement represents a double investment by the Ontario government. When school libraries buy more books, they are stimulating both the economy and the minds of our elementary students.”

Kathleen Wynne

Minister of Education

“We applaud the Government of Ontario for taking this precedent-setting step toward advancing literacy, curiosity and the love of reading. It is an inspired response to in-depth research confirming the relationship between well-stocked public school libraries and student literacy and performance.”

Heather Reisman

Chair, Indigo Books and Music; Chair, Indigo Love of Reading Foundation

“Thanks to the discounts in the agreement, we'll be able to stretch the dollars the government is providing to buy even more resources. The new books will provide a real boost for libraries in our elementary schools.”

Jessica Brennan

Chair, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board



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