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Elementary Teachers And English Public School Boards Put Students First

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Elementary Teachers And English Public School Boards Put Students First

Final Proposal Results In Agreement

Ministry of Education

The Ontario Public School Boards' Association (OPSBA) and the Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario (ETFO) put elementary students first by agreeing to four more years of peace and progress.

Both parties agreed to a final offer by the government that included:

  • $461 million to fund a 10.4 per cent salary increase over four years (two per cent, two per cent, three per cent, three per cent), bringing the maximum salary to about $92,700
  • $138 million to increase the amount of preparation time teachers have, from 200 to 240 minutes per week
  • $40 million to hire 431 more teachers to reduce the average class size in grades 4 to 8
  • $18 million to enhance professional development for elementary teachers
  • $16 million to increase supervision of elementary students
  • $13 million for 144 additional teachers in grades 7 and 8
  • $13 million to improve benefits for teachers and working conditions for occasional teachers.

The next step is to conduct local bargaining across the province. Successful results locally will ensure four more years of peace and progress for all students in Ontario, until August 2012.

Quick Facts

  • The provincial framework agreements apply to 475 collective agreements representing over 210,000 school board and Provincial Schools' employees.
  • The provincial framework agreements provide additional supports for students through:
    • Targeted class size reductions in Grades 4 to 8
    • Additional Student Success teachers and Literacy and Numeracy coaches in Grades 7 and 8
    • Additional arts and specialist teachers
    • Expanded secondary programming

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“On Tuesday, I presented a new and final offer to both parties – they deserve high praise for their consideration of our fair proposal and their decision to accept it. When we work together in the best interests of the students, everyone wins.”

Kathleen Wynne

Education Minister



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