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Helping More Students Succeed

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Helping More Students Succeed

McGuinty Government Launches Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy

Ministry of Education

Ontario is helping more students reach their full potential.

A new Equity and Inclusive Education Strategy launched today, will help improve and close the gap in student achievement.

By promoting inclusive education, the strategy will help schools better address barriers related to sexism, racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination, which may have an impact on student achievement. It will:

  • Build equity and inclusive education principles into the curriculum.
  • Guide boards in the development, implementation and monitoring of equity and inclusive education policies, with a focus on addressing gaps in student achievement.
  • Help boards to actively engage students, staff, parents and their broader communities in updating or establishing equity and inclusive education policies.

The strategy recognizes Ontario's growing diversity as a strength; and it will continue to advance Ontario's three core priorities of improving student achievement, reducing achievement gaps and increasing public confidence in our education system.

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“All students must be able to learn and grow in schools free of discrimination and bullying. This strategy will help us close the gap in student achievement by removing barriers to success.”

Kathleen Wynne

Minister of Education

“We believe that Ontario's diversity is one of its greatest assets. Education is central to creating a cohesive society and a strong economy that will secure Ontario's future prosperity.”

Jean Augustine

Ontario’s Fairness Commissioner



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