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Support For School Board Governance Report

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Support For School Board Governance Report

Ministry of Education

The Governance Review Committee presented its report to the Ministry of Education which included 25 recommendations on governance reform in Ontario.  Here is some reaction from the education sector to the committee's report:

"I congratulate the committee for crafting a set of recommendations that reflect best practices and calls for the highest levels of integrity and accountability while also recognizing political, cultural, ideological and geographic differences across school districts.  This report is nuanced in the way it balances the needs for clarity and consistency with our critical need for flexibility, innovation and responsiveness."
- Patricia Bradshaw, PhD, Associate Professor, Organizational Behaviour, Schulich School of Business, York University

"The Governance Review Committee has made a number of recommendations that will put a focus on student achievement at the core of every school board in Ontario.  I am impressed by the recommendations to clarify the role of trustees, chairs and directors and to increase accountability in the education sector."

- Dave Cooke, former Ontario Minister of Education and former co-chair, Education Improvement Commission

"The Governance Review Committee has made recommendations that should help boards of trustees and directors of education channel their energies into creating environments for student success and growth.  The Provincial Interest Regulations, with their emphasis on both boards' rates of progress and actual results across wide metrics, have the potential to offer differentiated interventions and sustainable strategies for "moving and improving" based on local needs."

- Joan M. Green, founding Chief Executive Officer, Education Quality and Accountability Officer; former Director of Education and Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Board of Education; Co-author, Cain-Green Report

"Over the last decade there has been a massive amount of education reform.  This report takes the important step of clarifying the role of school boards. The report also recognizes that the province should have an interest in not just the financial matters of school boards but in their education matters as well."

- Annie Kidder, Executive Director, People For Education

"We are very pleased to see this report make recommendations that will better define the role of trustees and school boards.  The Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association would welcome the opportunity to work cooperatively with the ministry to provide trustees in all regions of the province with enhanced professional development."

- Nancy Kirby, Vice President, Ontario Catholic School Trustees' Association

"Getting school board governance right is essential for strengthening of public education in Canada. Trustees must balance the political imperatives of elected office while acting on the public imperative of improving achievement for all students. This report makes recommendations that will advance this cause."

- Carole Olsen, Chair, Canadian Education Association and Superintendent, Halifax Regional School Board

"French-language Catholic school boards will be able to find themselves in this report.  It reflects trustees' comments on the duties and responsibilities of the boards, the role of the chairs and the members, and their needs in terms of professional development, while always respecting their autonomy and the specificities of their mandate."

- Robert Tremblay, President, Association franco-ontarienne des conseils scolaires catholiques

"I am pleased to see the Governance Review Committee recommend that school boards have greater accountability for student performance.  This is a significant change and in keeping with recommendations stemming from the Education Improvement Commission.  I am delighted to see this coming one step closer to fruition."

- Ann Vanstone, former Co-chair, Education Improvement Commission, former Chair, Metropolitan Toronto School Board


"We are pleased that the governance review committee has acknowledged the need to clarify the unique circumstances faced by student trustees, and look forward to a thorough dialogue with ministry staff about the proper rights and responsibilities for student trustees."

- Cody Welton, President, Ontario Student Trustees' Association

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