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Graduation Rates Rise Again

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Graduation Rates Rise Again

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The graduation rate is calculated based on a five-year cohort (group of students). The rate is the percentage of a cohort that receives a diploma within five years of starting high school.

Tracking the achievement of a cohort of students over time is recognized by Statistics Canada as a thorough and accurate approach. The Student Success Strategy is about reaching every student, and for some, achieving their diploma takes longer than four years. For example, some students need a fifth year because they are changing their focus and require additional courses.



Some of the Student Success programs include the Specialist High Skills Majors, Dual Credits and Expanded Co-op.

These programs create a more engaging learning environment for students and better prepare them to pursue future opportunities beyond high school. With more options in high school, students are figuring out what they want to do and are staying on the right path to gain the skills and experience required for the jobs of tomorrow.

Funding has been provided for more than 1,900 additional teachers to help struggling students in every high school succeed.


The majors are a bundle of eight to ten courses in Grade 11 and Grade 12 that allow students to focus their learning on a specific field that matches their interests and career goals. There are 16 different majors across Ontario. Examples include agriculture, energy, construction, aviation and aerospace, and hospitality and tourism majors.  


The Dual Credit program allows students to participate in apprenticeship training and college courses while still in high school -- earning both college and high school credits.


This program allows students to earn credits toward their OSSD while completing a work placement in their community. Students can apply two co-operative education credits toward their compulsory high school graduation requirements.

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