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More Students Benefiting from EcoSchools Partnership

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More Students Benefiting from EcoSchools Partnership

McGuinty Government Supports Environmental Initiatives In Classrooms

Ministry of Education

An Ontario partnership is helping more students learn about the environment and how to reduce their schools' environmental impact.

The Ontario government is supporting Ontario EcoSchools to recognize and encourage environmental initiatives in classrooms.  This year, the government is providing $500,000 to Ontario EcoSchools to promote environmental education and action in schools.  

Over the past seven years, the number of certified EcoSchools has risen from 13 to 906.

Partnering with Ontario EcoSchools is one of many ways the government is enhancing environmental education.  Other initiatives include:

§         Incorporating environmental perspectives into all subjects, disciplines and grades

§         Developing environmental education resources for teachers and boards

§         Establishing  new Specialist High Skills Majors focused on the environment and energy

§         Implementing renewable energy projects in over 100 schools

§         Piloting a variety of innovative green products and technologies in over 150 schools through the Green School Pilot Program

Quick Facts

  • Since 2008, the government has provided a total of $1M in educational investments to Ontario EcoSchools.
  • To become a certified EcoSchool, the school must demonstrate achievement in four key areas: energy conservation, waste minimization, ecological literacy and school-grounds greening.
  • Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow, released in February 2009, is a policy framework that guides environmental education in Ontario schools.

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“Students are the future leaders of Ontario. We want to make sure they have the knowledge and skills to be environmentally active and responsible citizens.”

Leona Dombrowsky

Minister of Education

“Through EcoSchools, our youth are learning how to make the world cleaner and healthier. This Earth Day and every other day, let's demonstrate to our children and to Ontario families across the province that we are all doing our part.”

John Gerretsen

Minister of the Environment

“When students and the rest of the school community engage in EcoSchools we see them make connections between themselves, their actions and the natural world. We are appreciative of the ministry's continuous support in environmental learning and in reducing the ecological footprint of schools.”

Catherine Mahler

Program Coordinator, Ontario EcoSchools

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