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Moving Forward With Early Learning Supportive Quotes

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Moving Forward With Early Learning Supportive Quotes

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"It is welcome news that investment in the early years is being recognized as a fundamental building block of workforce development and poverty reduction. Research confirms that investment in early years will result in substantial future savings in government spending and prepare the children of Ontario to fully participate in the creative economy of the future."

-- Lucy Brown, General Manager, Health and Family Services, Municipality of Chatham-Kent

"We applaud the Government for their investment in the early learning program. This funding fits with what we've been recommending based on the research we've done. Investing in childcare for preschoolers is important. Delivering early childhood education by both child care workers and kindergarten teachers, and integrating more services at the pre-school level are all positive steps that the Ontario government solidified with this announcement today."

-- Carl Corter, Atkinson Charitable Foundation Chair in Early Child Development and Education, Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development, Institute of Child Study, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education/University of Toronto

"Introduction of this legislation marks a new era for early learning and education as a whole. It is the first tool to revamping the very necessary changes that early educators have been talking about for years. When the legislation is passed we have all got to roll up our sleeves and make sure the reality lives up to the vision."

-- Cheryl DeGras, Manager, University of Toronto Early Learning Centre, Family Programs and Services

"I commend the government for its consultation process during the Second Reading stage of Bill 242.  The amendments reflect the key concerns of education and community organizations.  With the framework legislation in place, elementary teachers are committed to working with our education partners to ensure a successful launch of the Early Learning Program in the fall."

-- Sam Hammond, President, Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario

 "The winners of today's important changes will no doubt be Ontario's children and families; moving child care into education, placing greater emphasis on more integrated and seamless, child-focused service delivery and increased funding will have a big impact on childhood development and learning in Ontario."

-- Kira Heineck, Executive Director, Ontario Municipal Social Services Association

"Moving forward with the implementation of the recommendations in the Early Learning Advisor's report demonstrates the government's commitment to early childhood development.  I am particularly excited by the announcement that work will begin on the development of Best Start Child and Family Centres.  Under Best Start, Hamilton has built on the great work of existing programs to develop early learning and care hubs that demonstrate the integration of services at a neighbourhood level.  We are eager to continue to build on this success and develop integrated centres across our community."

-- Paul Johnson, Executive Director, Wesley Urban Ministries; Chair, Hamilton Best Start Network

 "Congratulations Premier McGuinty for taking the first critical steps in building the child and family system outlined in the report from your early learning advisor.  All eyes are on our province as it demonstrates how to effectively bring the science of early human development to communities, where it has the potential to transform the lives of children and families." 

-- Hon. Margaret McCain, OC, Co-Chair, Early Years Studies 1 and 2

"This announced change in government structure sends the message to the people of Ontario that quality child care is not just about babysitting but an important service to ensure children are best prepared for school and their future."

-- Patti Moore, President, Ontario Municipal Social Services Association

"The legislation to put in place the first phase of Pascal's report on early learning by creating an early years division in the ministry of education with help ensure equity in development from the pre-natal period to adolescence for all young children and their families."
-- J. Fraser Mustard

"The government has provided teachers with meaningful input into the full-day kindergarten legislation. The children of Ontario will benefit from this positive relationship and the strong foundation for learning that this program will provide."

-- James Ryan, President, Ontario English Catholic Teachers' Association

"The legislation that was passed today is both brilliant and far-reaching: By investing in the early years, we will provide our children -- all of our children -- with the foundation for a lifetime of health and mental wellbeing."

-- Stuart Shanker, Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy and Psychology

Director, Milton and Ethel Harris Research Initiative, York University

"This announcement represents an expansion of opportunities for Early Childhood Educators, and most  importantly offers Ontario's children increased access to care and learning by professionals with strong understanding of child development and the value of play based learning."

-- Eduarda Sousa, Executive Director, Association of Early Childhood Educators Ontario

"As we come to increasingly realize the importance of the early years experience as a social determinant of health, it is impressive that Ontario is implementing both legislative and structural changes that will make a big difference in the lives of all young children and their families"
-- Dr. R. C. Williams, Medical Officer of Health, Regional Niagara

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