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Capital Investments Getting Results

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Capital Investments Getting Results

Ministry of Education

As a result of the McGuinty government's $5.4 billion provincewide investment in school renovations, repairs and construction, Ontario is:

  • reducing the backlog of renewal needs in schools across Ontario
  • helping over 1,000 schools become more energy efficient and install renewable energy technologies
  • piloting green technology and products in schools
  • helping school boards tackle priority capital projects including:
    • replacing schools
    • building new schools and additions to accommodate growth in new residential areas
    • addressing the unique capital needs of French-language school boards

As of August 2010, the government of Ontario has supported:

  • over 17,000 school renewal projects - which include replacing roofs, windows and boilers - that are underway or have been completed
  • 80 projects to address student accommodation needs, including new schools, school consolidations, and retrofits and replacement schools to improve energy efficiency
  • 123 projects to retrofit or rebuild schools in poor condition
  • 30 new schools or additions in areas of new residential development
  • green technology for over 150 schools in 40 boards
  • 32 additions or new schools in French-language school boards.  

Through the Green Schools Pilot Initiative, the government is piloting six categories of innovative green technologies at 40 school boards across Ontario.  This school year, more than 150 publicly funded schools will benefit from green technologies and products that are helping them achieve:

  • electric energy conservation
  • hybrid electric/thermal energy generation
  • sewage and water treatment
  • solar thermal and electric energy generation and conservation
  • thermal energy generation and conservation
  • wind energy generation

This two-year pilot project runs from 2009 to 2011.

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