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2010-11 Premier's Awards For Teaching Excellence

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2010-11 Premier's Awards For Teaching Excellence

Ministry of Education

The Premier's Awards for Teaching Excellence recognize exceptional educators and staff who excel at supporting and inspiring Ontario's young people.

Who is eligible for an award?

 Anyone who is employed by a publicly funded school or board/authority in Ontario is eligible. Teachers, principals, vice-principals, early childhood educators, education support staff and school board staff can be nominated for an award.

Who can make a nomination?

 Anyone can make a nomination, including students, parents, educators and members of the community. 

Where can nomination forms be found?

 To download a nomination form or find out more information, visit the Premier's Awards for Teaching Excellence website at www.ontario.ca/teachingawards. Information kits will also be sent to every publicly funded school in Ontario. 

When is the deadline for nominations?

 The nomination deadline is January 31, 2011.  Award recipients will be recognized before the end of the school year.

What are the award categories?


Who's Eligible?


Teacher of the Year

(5 awards)

All elementary and secondary teachers

Celebrates teachers who have a contagious enthusiasm for learning, create innovative opportunities that motivate students to learn and make an exceptional contribution to the school community.

New Teacher of the Year

(3 awards)

Elementary and secondary teachers with up to three years of teaching experience

Honours new teachers who have a boundless energy and passion for teaching, collaborate with other teachers, and have a positive impact on students and the school community.

Excellent Support Staff

(3 awards)

All support staff

Celebrates a support staff member who shows an outstanding commitment to supporting students. A positive, helpful and caring attitude is essential, together with the belief that every student can succeed.

Excellence in Leadership

(2 awards)

  • One award for elementary and secondary teachers
  • One award for vice-principals, principals, supervisory officers and directors of education


  • a teacher who champions a vision of teaching excellence, and who inspires others to get involved
  • a school or board leader who sets high expectations for teaching and learning, and guides their team through challenges.

Team of the Year

(1 award)

A team of two to ten individuals who have worked together to achieve a common goal. Teams can include educators and/or support staff. They can work in a board office or a school, or in different schools and boards

Honours team members who take on new challenges, build strong partnerships and work collaboratively to achieve a common goal.

Lifetime Achievement

(1 award)

All educators with at least 25 years of experience

Recognizes an outstanding individual who demonstrates exceptional leadership, is a role model for other educators, and makes a significant and lasting impact on the school community.

 Who should be nominated?

There are many ways to be an outstanding educator, and as many reasons to nominate someone for a Premier's Award. For example:

  • a teacher who turns math concepts into more than numbers and helps students build strong problem-solving and math skills
  • a support staff member who helps students with special needs succeed in school and life
  • a principal who fosters a culture of equity and respect, making all students feel welcome
  • a teacher or an early childhood educator who transforms lives and makes a profound and positive impact on students' intellectual, social and emotional development.
  • a social worker who builds strong relationships with parents and the community to help students learn
  • a supervisory officer who guides his or her team through challenges and empowers others to take risks.



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