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Financial Literacy Part Of Student Success And Strong Economy

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Financial Literacy Part Of Student Success And Strong Economy

McGuinty Government Integrating Financial Literacy Into Curriculum

Ministry of Education

In September 2011, students from grades 4 to 12 will learn about saving, spending, investing and managing money.

These new learning opportunities in the classroom will help Ontario's youth develop the critical money-management skills they need to succeed in today's complex financial world.

Integrating financial literacy into the curriculum was a key recommendation from the advice of the Curriculum Council and the report of the Working Group on Financial Literacy. The province is currently reviewing the other recommendations made in the report.

Financial literacy is an important part of the Open Ontario plan to ensure a financially literate population, build a well-educated workforce and help build a stronger economy.

Quick Facts

  • A 2008 national survey of parents and teenagers by Credit Canada and the Ontario Association for Credit Counselling Services found that 39 per cent of teenagers ranked "how to save money" as the most important topic to learn about.
  • The Ministry of Education is working in partnership with the Investor Education Fund to develop resources and professional development opportunities for teachers.
  • In the current grade 9 to 12 curriculum, the topic of personal finance is addressed in various courses in business studies, mathematics, guidance and career education, social sciences and humanities.

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“It is very important in today's complex financial world that Ontario students learn the financial basics. I would like to thank the Curriculum Council and the Working Group on Financial Literacy for their advice and hard work over the last year.”

Leona Dombrowsky

Minister of Education

“The seamless integration of financial literacy in Ontario schools is one of the best investments we can make in our future and a significant first step in moving forward on the recommendations of the Working Group on Financial Literacy.”

Leeanna Pendergast

co-chair of the Working Group on Financial Literacy

“We all have an important role to play in our children's financial education. This is great news for Ontario.”

Ruth Baumann

chair of Curriculum Council

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