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Full-Day Kindergarten Registration For September 2011 Underway

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Full-Day Kindergarten Registration For September 2011 Underway

McGuinty Government Giving More Children A Stronger Start In School

Ministry of Education

Parents of about 50,000 four- and five-year-olds across the province are now registering their children for their very first day of school - in full-day kindergarten.

Starting in September 2011, full-day kindergarten will be offered in almost 800 Ontario schools. This will mark the second year for the full-day program, which focuses on giving our youngest learners the best possible start and provides a solid foundation for future learning. The program will be available at all schools provincewide by 2015.

Students will benefit from a classroom with both an early childhood educator and a teacher, who work together throughout the day to help children learn, play and grow.

Full-day kindergarten is the next phase of the Open Ontario Plan. A full day of learning early in life makes the transition to Grade 1 easier for both parents and children. Also, students who achieve early success in school are more likely to perform well later in school and go on to postsecondary education.

Quick Facts

  • Registration for full-day and part-time kindergarten programs is already taking place at many elementary schools. Contact your local school board for details about registration in your community.
  • Like existing kindergarten programs, full-day kindergarten will remain optional for four- and five-year-olds.
  • To register for kindergarten, most boards require your child's identification documents, including birth certificate, birth registry/baptismal certificate, Ontario Health Card and immunization record.
  • Where there is sufficient parent demand, schools will also offer an optional before- and after-school program.

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“It's been five months since we first opened the doors for full-day kindergarten, and children and families are excited about their experiences with the program - and even more will be participating next year. We all benefit from this investment in our future. Working together, we can give our children the best possible start - in school, and life.”

Leona Dombrowsky

Minister of Education

“Kindergarten is the start of an exciting adventure for children and their families, and full-day kindergarten offers so many extra benefits. We've had great success with the program this year, and are looking forward to building on that next year.”

David Hogan

principal at Holy Name Catholic School (Toronto)

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