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Giving Parents More Information About Local Child Care Centres

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Giving Parents More Information About Local Child Care Centres

McGuinty Government Helps Families Make Good Choices For Their Children

Ministry of Education

Ontario families now have access to more information about licensed child care centres in Ontario.

Choosing the right child care provider can be a difficult decision for any parent. To help parents find the right fit for their child, the province is expanding its Licensed Child Care Website.

The website now provides more information about licensed child care centres and private-home day care agencies, including up to three years of inspection reports that identify details including if:

  • Equipment and furnishings are in safe and clean condition, including any play equipment
  • Food and drink are properly stored, prepared and served to preserve nutritional value and prevent contamination
  • There is an approved emergency fire procedure and if fire drills are conducted at least once a month
  • All medications at the centre are properly stored
  • There are enough staff and proper supervision.

All licensed child care centres are already required to post inspection summaries in their centres and provide detailed inspection reports to parents on request.

The province will continue to update the website as licensing inspections occur and licences are renewed.

To provide feedback or comments on how the website could be improved, parents are encouraged to contact the ministry.

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