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Helping More Hamilton-Area Students Succeed

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Helping More Hamilton-Area Students Succeed

McGuinty Government Expands Popular Specialist High Skills Majors Program

Ministry of Education

Ontario is helping more Hamilton-area high school students graduate and find their passion in the workforce with the expansion of Specialist High Skills Major programs.

Starting this September, eight Hamilton-area high schools will offer 11 additional Specialist High Skills Major programs, including:

With these additions, there will be 56 Specialist High Skills Majors offered in Hamilton-area high schools next school year in sectors such as business, non-profit and aviation and aerospace. Through these programs, students earn credits while developing the skills needed for college, university, apprenticeship or the workplace.

Building a well-educated workforce that helps Ontario compete in the global economy is part of the McGuinty government's plan to open the door to a bright future for high school graduates.

Quick Facts

  • In 2011-12, there will be over 1,300 Specialist High Skills Majors programs in 600 high schools across Ontario - an increase from 1,000 programs in 540 schools. This is the fifth year in a row Ontario is expanding the number of Specialist High Skills Major programs to meet growing demand.
  • More than 34,000 students will be enrolled in the Specialist High Skills Majors program across Ontario in 2011-12 - an increase of 6,000 students over this school year.
  • Programs like Specialist High Skills Majors have helped Ontario's graduation rate increase to 81 per cent from 68 per cent in 2003.

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“The Specialist High Skills Major program is a favourite of the students I meet in our high schools. Getting experience in a range of fields helps young people discover their talents and possible career options while earning credits to graduate.”

Leona Dombrowsky

Minister of Education

“I wish we had a program like this when I was in high school. I am a strong supporter of hands-on learning that goes beyond the classroom.”

Sophia Aggelonitis

MPP for Hamilton Mountain

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