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Statement By Education Minister Laurel Broten Regarding The Ontario College Of Teachers

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Statement By Education Minister Laurel Broten Regarding The Ontario College Of Teachers

Ministry of Education

It is critical that Ontario's families and taxpayers trust their public organizations. 

The McGuinty government strives to maintain the highest levels of accountability and transparency, and we expect the same of all organizations that operate in the public interest.

Parents deserve to know about teacher discipline, which is why we are working closely with the Ontario College of Teachers to make this information more readily available to them.

We welcome the college's decision to appoint the Honourable Patrick LeSage to undertake a review of its discipline procedures and to recommend ways to improve them.  Justice LeSage will complete his review by May 2012.

We are not waiting to take action.  The province is working with the college to take the following immediate steps to ensure greater transparency and accountability: 

  • Post details of disciplinary decisions on the college's website to increase transparency.
  • Re-examine the college's dispute resolution policies and processes, and consider the types of cases that can and cannot proceed to dispute resolution.  In the interim, the college will publicly clarify that incidents of sexual offences are ineligible for a dispute resolution process.

In addition, Justice LeSage's review is paying particular attention to the following topics, which are of primary concern to our government:

  • Undertaking regular reviews of the college's disciplinary processes and practices.
  • Providing greater clarity around the circumstances when a member's name is withheld following a disciplinary decision.
  • Establishing possible mandatory penalties for specified types of misconduct, like sexual offences.

I look forward to working with the college on these important matters.

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