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Strengthening Labour Negotiations in the Education Sector

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Strengthening Labour Negotiations in the Education Sector

Ontario Government Committed to Fair, Effective Bargaining Process

Ministry of Education

Ontario intends to introduce the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act, that if passed, would establish a clear process for addressing key issues and define the roles and responsibilities of all parties for future labour negotiations in the province's education sector.

The proposed model would feature a central bargaining table where key issues with province-wide impacts, such as pay and benefits, would be negotiated. Local bargaining would also occur where school boards and local federations/unions would negotiate local issues.

Strengthening labour negotiations through more fair and effective bargaining is part of the Ontario government's economic plan to invest in people and ensure everyone has the benefit of a world class education.

Quick Facts

  • Management representation at the central table would be made up of both government and provincial trustee associations. Employees would be represented by provincial unions or federations. Ratification would be required by all three parties — government, trustee associations and federations/unions — for any central agreement.
  • The government consulted extensively with trustee associations, school board staff, teachers' federations and support staff unions on the development of the proposed legislation.
  • If passed, the proposed legislation would take effect in early 2014. Most existing collective agreements expire in August, 2014.

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“I am pleased to introduce this legislation, following extensive consultations and valuable feedback from our education partners. I hope that future negotiations will be met by a renewed commitment to work together and engage in a process that is clear and consistent for everyone. I am optimistic this will help strengthen relationships with our education partners and encourage constructive dialogue along the way.”

Liz Sandals

Minister of Education

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