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Review of the TDSB

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Review of the TDSB

Ministry of Education

Below are the Terms of Reference for the review of the TDSB, to be conducted by Margaret Wilson:

Terms of Reference


he Education Act states that all partners in the education sector, including the Minister, the Ministry and the boards, have a role to play in maintaining confidence in the province's publicly funded education systems (section 0.1(3)).

Recent media reports, and correspondence from trustees, parents and concerned citizens to the Minister of Education, have highlighted governance and operational issues at the Toronto District School Board (TDSB).

Effective working relationships between trustees and the director of education are critical to the board's ability to fulfil its governance role. If not adequately addressed, governance challenges have the potential to undermine public confidence in publicly funded education and threaten student achievement and well-being. The Minister of Education is of the opinion that an urgent situation exists in the TDSB with respect to matters set out in s. 10(2) of O. Reg. 43/10, as amended (Provincial Interest in Education) ("the regulation").

Therefore, the Minister of Education will appoint Margaret Wilson ("the reviewer"), appointed by letter, under s. 11(2) of the regulation, to undertake a review of the TDSB.


The reviewer is appointed to conduct a review that includes but is not limited to:

  • Delivering observations and recommendations to the Minister and the board related to the level of cooperation among the board's members and between the board and the board's director of education in providing good governance to schools of the board. Observations and recommendations should help support a positive transition for the board members taking office on December 1, 2014, as well as adequate supports to assist the trustees of the board and the director of education in fulfilling their duties.

  • The performance of the members of the board and the director of education of the TDSB[1] with respect to their duties under the Education Act or any other Act, or under any policy, guideline, directive or regulation made under those Acts, including, but not limited to the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010 including the provisions governing compensation arrangements added by the Strong Action for Ontario Act (Budget Measures), 2012
  • The performance of the members of the board and the director of education in responding to, and acting on, the recommendations of recent reviews and audits of the board, including but not limited to: 
      • Ernst & Young Forensic Audit (2013)
      • Special Assistance Team Report (2013)
      • PwC Resource Allocation Review (2012) 
  • In addition, the reviewer shall advise the Minister of Education on how the government should conduct a consultation about possible improvements to the governance structure at the TDSB that could promote student achievement and well-being, increase accountability and enhance public confidence.

Procedural directions and timelines

The reviewer will submit a final report to the Minister of Education, with a copy to the TDSB, by December 31, 2014. The reviewer will provide interim updates to the Minister on request. The reviewer will be supported by Ministry of Education staff.

The Ministry of Education will pay the reviewer's per diem costs and expenses compliant with the OPS Travel, Meal, and Hospitality Expenses Directive. The TDSB will provide office facilities as needed for the reviewer to complete the report.

The TDSB will promptly comply with the reviewer's requests for meetings with members or staff of the board, and promptly comply with the reviewer's requests for information or other documents needed for the review.

The Minister delegates to the reviewer, pursuant to s. 11(4) of the regulation, the power to make procedural guidelines and set timelines that do not conflict with any such guidelines or timelines made by the Minister.

[1] Pursuant to s. 10(2)(b), "TDSB" in this context includes: the board; current members, the chair and the director of education of the board; former members, chairs and directors of education of the board. 

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