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What People Are Saying About The Child Care Modernization Act

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What People Are Saying About The Child Care Modernization Act

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"Bill 10 is necessary because it closes loopholes that put children at risk and lays the groundwork for doing more."

 -  Martha Friendly, Founder and Executive Director of the Childcare Resource and Research Unit

"HCCAO supports the passing of Bill 10! Bill 10 is a big step forward to addressing quality and strengthening child care for our children and families in Ontario. We look forward to working with the government on the development of the regulations. Well done!"

 -  Marni Flaherty, Chief Executive Officer of Today's Family Early Learning and Child Care

"Bill 10 not only strengthens protections for children, it lays a foundation for the future and for innovative, impactful programming that meets the needs of 21st century children."

 -  Peter Frampton, Executive Director of The Learning Enrichment Foundation

"As a child care organization I can say that Bill 10 is a declaration that children in our province are valued and that our government cares about their wellbeing.  Protection of our youngest citizens is long overdue and must be the foundation upon which we build our system of education and care. Bill 10 gives us this foundation."

 -  Sheila Olan-MacLean, President of the Ontario Coalition for Better Child Care

"Bill 10 is a good first step; we are looking forward to working together on the development of the regulations that will follow." 

 -  Kim Hiscott, Registered Early Childhood Educator (RECE)

"The Quality Early Learning Network is pleased to see the government's steps to modernize child care through the successful passage of Bill 10.   The QELN members look forward to continue working with the government as the regulations move forward to modernize licensed child care in Ontario."

 -  Joan Arruda, Co-Chair of the Quality Early Learning Network 

"The Child Care Modernization Act recognizes that municipal governments play a key role in funding, managing and delivering child care across Ontario. The Act provides enough flexibility to spur local innovation, while improving access to child care that fosters the health and well-being of children. By making life better for families across Ontario, access to quality child care can help attract a skilled workforce and support local economies."

 -  Gary McNamara, President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario

"The College of Early Childhood Educators is delighted with the amendments to the Early Childhood Educators Act (2007) contained within Bill 10. These amendments will enhance the professionalism and accountability of Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECEs) in all their work settings, including licensed child care centres and kindergarten classrooms."

 -  Lois Mahon, President of the College of Early Childhood Educators

"Bill 10, the Child Care Modernization Act, is very important legislation that, if passed, will establish a robust framework to help build a child care system for the 21st century. The YMCA believes the components of Bill 10 will improve the health and safety of children, provide greater parental choice and support high quality programs and environments for children in child care and early learning programs."

 -  Jennifer Holmes Weier, Vice President, YMCA Ontario and Government Relations


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