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  • Ontario Supporting Students and Schools and Protecting Front-Line Teaching Staff

    TORONTO - Ontario's government is protecting what matters most through a modernized approach to education reform which will better utilize technology, give students the skills they need to succeed, protect front-line teachers and ensure every dollar spent benefits students.

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  • Ontario Supporting Child Care Professionals

    Ontario's government is protecting what matters most through support for child care professionals that will ensure our province provides the very best child care options for parents and families. 

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  • Government Continues to Improve Education

    TORONTO - Ontario's government is standing up for students and parents by protecting and modernizing the province's education system. The Legislature has passed legislative amendments that will help keep classrooms safer than ever before and also ensure that children and students are better supported in their learning.

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  • 'Back-to-Basics' Math Curriculum, Renewed Focus on Skilled Trades and Cellphone Ban in the Classroom Coming Soon to Ontario

    TORONTO - Students and parents in Ontario can look forward to the implementation of stronger math, STEM, and financial literacy curricula, improved skilled trades opportunities, and a provincewide ban on cellphones in the classroom as part of the Government of Ontario's sweeping new vision for 'Education that Works for You,' Lisa Thompson, Minister of Education, announced today.

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  • Ontario Continues to Support Students with Autism

    The Ontario government is working for the people by setting students up for success as they transition into school. We're increasing supports for educators and building on existing programs, so school boards will be prepared to help ensure students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) feel safe and supported in their classrooms. 

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  • Ontario Making Life Easier for Parents and Families

    The Ontario government is working for the people by proposing legislative amendments that, if passed, would make it easier for home-based child care providers and authorized recreational and skill-building programs to serve more children.

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  • Ontario Supporting Students with Special Needs

    Ontario's Government for the People has proposed a legislative amendment which, if passed, would support students and their families when making requests to bring their service animals into schools and classrooms across the province. Today only 39 of 72 school boards across Ontario have policies in place to address the need for service animals in schools, leaving students vulnerable and parents facing challenges to support their child's special needs.

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