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Applications for Student SpeakUp Grants Now Open

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Applications for Student SpeakUp Grants Now Open

Ontario Helping to Empower and Strengthen the Student Voice

Ministry of Education

Students in grades 7-12 at publicly funded schools can apply for grants to lead projects that will have a lasting impact on their school community.

Ontario's SpeakUp grants promote student engagement and success by empowering the students to have a stronger voice. They provide funding to help students lead projects that make a difference and drive action in their schools and surrounding communities.

As part of previous SpeakUp projects, students have:

  • Organized a district-wide Indigenous Festival bringing the community together
  • Conducted a research project about the best ways to engage students in math classes
  • Worked with a community partner to help a local soup kitchen re-open
  • Mentored younger students about the importance of the safe use of social networks.

SpeakUp projects support the government's Achieving Excellence: A Renewed Vision for Education in Ontario by encouraging students to focus their projects on the province's core goals for education. Investing in student engagement and success is also part of Ontario's plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.

Quick Facts

  • SpeakUp projects are part of the Ministry of Education’s Student Voice strategy, which promotes student engagement and success in Ontario’s schools by listening to and learning from students.
  • Two different SpeakUp project grants, of up to $1,000 or $2,500, are available to help students lead projects.
  • Students can count time spent on their SpeakUp project towards their 40 hours of community involvement required as part of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma if they register their project with ChangeTheWorld.
  • Since 2008, thousands of students in grades 7-12 have actively led or participated in more than 9,000 projects in hundreds of schools across Ontario.
  • Applications for SpeakUp projects are open until midnight, December 21, 2016.

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“SpeakUp projects help to strengthen and empower the student voice in Ontario’s publicly funded school system. With support from these grants, students can focus on what’s important to them and directly help improve their community and our education system.”

Mitzie Hunter

Minister of Education

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