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Improving Financial Literacy for Ontario Students

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Improving Financial Literacy for Ontario Students

Province Recognizing Financial Literacy Month

Ministry of Education

November is Financial Literacy Month and Ontario is highlighting the various resources and supports provided to students across the province to improve their financial literacy.

This includes:

  • Embedding financial literacy into subjects across the curriculum from Grade 4 to 12. Students are given opportunities to learn about saving, spending and investing money, as well as how to be responsible consumers, how to protect their personal information online, and how to understand their role in an increasingly complex global economy.
  • Providing matching funding to the Ontario Chamber of Commerce to support Funny Money, an innovative program for high school students that complements the government's approach to financial literacy education in the school curriculum.
  • Supporting additional financial literacy learning about postsecondary education and career planning as part of the mandatory Grade 10 Careers Studies course. The government is transforming Ontario's student aid system to help thousands of students obtain greater access to advanced education and have lower levels of student debt upon graduation. For eligible students from lower-income and many middle-income families, tuition will be free.

Improving financial literacy for students is part of our plan to create jobs, grow our economy and help people in their everyday lives.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario has published two documents detailing opportunities and topics related to financial literacy and how it is woven throughout Ontario’s elementary and secondary curriculum. An updated version of these will be published in the 2016-17 school year.
  • Since 2011, the province has invested more than $3 million in financial literacy resources and professional learning opportunities for teachers to enhance financial literacy among Ontario’s elementary and secondary students.

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“Preparing students to be financially literate is essential to student success and a stronger economy. By learning about financial literacy, students will have the skills they need to thrive now and throughout the rest of their lives.”

Mitzie Hunter

Minister of Education

“Financial literacy skills are crucial for success. By embedding financial literacy into the Ontario school curriculum, we can make financial language, concepts and transactions less intimidating. We want today’s young people to be equipped to make informed decisions so they are empowered to manage their money effectively, provide for greater retirement security and take full advantage of economic opportunities that will come their way.”

Charles Sousa

Minister of Finance

“Providing quality training and education for Ontarians of every age is part of our government’s plan to build up our highly skilled work force and grow our economy. By enhancing financial literacy in our schools, we’re providing students with the opportunity to develop the skills and financial acumen they’ll need for the jobs of today, and tomorrow.”

Deb Matthews

Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development

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