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Digital Learning in Ontario Supportive Quotes

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Digital Learning in Ontario Supportive Quotes

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"As an industry partner, Microsoft is excited to see the Ontario Ministry of Education providing new opportunities for students and teachers to explore and develop computational thinking competencies. An engaging student journey requires policy support, advocacy, and access, along with a strong portfolio of programs, tools and professional development. With a strong heritage in education and computer science, Microsoft celebrates providing future generations with the opportunities they need to lead and compete in the highly skilled workforce of tomorrow." 

- Janet Kennedy, President, Microsoft Canada

"We commend the Government of Ontario for their leadership in supporting the many computer science and coding activities happening in schools across Ontario. Actua and its eleven university-based members are proud to support teachers and schools in preparing Ontario's youth with digital skills necessary to meet the demands of a knowledge-based economy. We are very encouraged to see these new resources and additional training being provided to augment computational thinking content for students across Ontario." 

- Jennifer Flanagan, Chief Executive Officer, Actua

"We wish to thank the Province of Ontario for their support. FIRST ROBOTICS recognizes that our robotics programs have a direct impact on advancing skills in coding, computational thinking and problem solving which are absolutely essential for our next generation. Coding in particular is one of the most critical job skills of the future and with FIRST programs students get a hands-on opportunity to see computer science in action when building robots." 

- Dorothy Byers, Chair, FIRST Robotics and Mark Breadner, Executive Director, FIRST Robotics

"In our increasingly digital world, there are few jobs left untouched by technology. It is for that reason that coding education in schools can no longer be considered a unique competitive advantage -- it must be understood as the minimum standard. As a community, it's critical we equip our young people with the skills that will empower them to one day enter the workforce and secure stable, lucrative, and rewarding work. 

At Ladies Learning Code, we dedicate our days to ensuring that Canadians, in particular Canadian youth, have the tools and knowledge that they need to become builders -- and not just consumers -- of technology, and we are thrilled to know that our government shares our vision for Ontarians."

- Melissa Sariffodeen, Chief Executive Officer, Ladies Learning Code

"New citizenship and work demands require creative, critical thinkers who can thrive in an increasingly complex, technology-driven world. We applaud Ontario's digital literacy initiative designed to help students develop important skills, including computational thinking. Ensuring educators are supported with appropriate tools and resources is key to facilitating the development of these STEM-based skills in classrooms across the province." 

- Bonnie Schmidt, President, Let's Talk Science and Chair, Canadian Leadership Taskforce on Education & Skills, Information and Communications Technology Council (ICTC)

With the rapid advances made in technology, understanding coding in addition to being able to think critically and computationally will better prepare students for the lives we will live in the high-tech present and future. The adaptation of Ontario's education system to a growing technological society ensures that students will not be left behind as the world moves forward."

 - Kayvon Mihan, OSTA-AECO 

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