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Proposed Amendments to the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act

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Proposed Amendments to the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act

Ministry of Education

Ontario is proposing changes to the School Boards Collective Bargaining Act, 2014. If passed, the proposed amendments would build on an already-successful model for collective bargaining in Ontario's education sector with enhancements to flexibility, transparency and consistency.

The proposed amendments include:

  • Allowing collective agreements to be extended to support improved flexibility for all parties.
  • Ensuring parents and students are well-informed in advance of labour disruption by requiring an additional five days' notice for strikes and lock outs in certain circumstances. This is in addition to five days of notice already included in the Act.
  • Requiring that the trustees' associations clearly report on the public funds they receive, including salaries for labour relations employees exceeding $100,000, as a means to improve transparency.
  • Requiring participation for all education-sector unions in central bargaining to ensure consistency across the province.
  • Ensuring that any new bargaining unit formed during the term of a collective agreement is subject to the central terms negotiated by its applicable teachers' federations or education workers' unions. This supports improved consistency and equity.
  • Allowing the government or the applicable trustees' association to get status updates on local bargaining and, if asked, to assist with local negotiations.
  • Granting all parties the ability to file a complaint with the Ontario Labour Relations Board to resolve conflicts between central and local agreements.
  • Changing language from "consent" to "mutually agreed" in certain areas where the trustees and the Crown engage in joint decision-making.
  • Clarifying the Minister of Education's delegation authority and the role of the Education Relations Commission.

These amendments are informed by extensive consultations with bargaining partners, recommendations from the Auditor General and the province's own experiences. They reflect an ongoing commitment from all parties to continue to strengthen collective bargaining in Ontario's education sector.

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