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Ontario District School Boards Participating in Reading Pilots

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Ontario District School Boards Participating in Reading Pilots

Ministry of Education

Eight district school boards are participating in the 2016-17 three-year intensive reading pilot projects to support students who have specific needs in the early development of reading skills. 

  • Greater Essex County District School Board
  • London District Catholic School Board
  • Rainbow District School Board
  • Sudbury Catholic District School Board
  • Thames Valley District School Board
  • Waterloo Catholic District School Board
  • Waterloo Region District School Board
  • Windsor-Essex Catholic District School Board

These pilots include the use of the EmpowerTM Reading, a program that was developed by Sick Kids Hospital and includes teacher training. The pilots also use other practices that have been effective in demonstration schools, including:

  • Training supports for educators
  • Access to technology training and support
  • A focus on social and emotional goals.

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