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Ontario's Career Studies Course

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Ontario's Career Studies Course

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The Careers Studies half credit course is a key contributor to the education and career/life planning program in Ontario's secondary schools.  The following are examples of new learning that will be included in the enhanced course:

Financial Literacy

  • Budgeting: Students map out or review their current pathways plan, and then itemize the components of the plan to create a budget.
  • Credit: Students conduct online research to explore issues related to credit card debt and collaborate on suggested guidelines for acceptable use.
  • OSAP: Students use the new OSAP calculator tool to plan for funding of possible post-secondary education.

Pathways Planning

  • Skills: Students develop a personal skills profile using digital tools, and investigate necessary skills in the workplace as well as specific skills they will need for their chosen pathways.
  • Plans/Portfolios: Students develop the details of their current goals and build their Individual Pathways Plans.
  • Employment: Students develop resources and materials to support the transition into the workforce.

Innovation Creativity and Entrepreneurship

  • Inquiry: Teachers facilitate discussion where students generate their own inquiry questions related to entrepreneurship, and then conduct research on their chosen area of focus.
  • Local Connections: Students research and make connections to local entrepreneurs.
  • Innovation: Students and teachers implement the principles of innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship to identify problems and generate solutions.

Digital Literacy

  • Privacy: Students engage in class discussions about privacy features in social media and explore their privacy rights.
  • Digital Footprint: Students explore the concept of a digital footprint, evaluate their own digital presence and set goals for effectively engaging online.
  • Online Research: Students investigate and employ effective online research strategies, using advanced search operators to conduct online research related to pathways planning.

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