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Investing in Modern Schools and Child Care for Communities


Investing in Modern Schools and Child Care for Communities

Ministry of Education

Capital Investments in Ontario's Schools

Over the next 10 years, Ontario is investing nearly $13 billion in capital grants to modernize schools in the province.

This funding will help build new schools, and also help existing schools replace aging heating or air conditioning systems, repair roofs and windows, and install important accessibility features like elevators and ramps, and support the expansion of child care spaces.

Included in this funding is $1.4 billion for school renewal projects for the 2019-20 school year to help school boards provide safe and healthy learning environments for students.

Capital Investments for Child Care

Ontario is committed to providing families with more choice and convenience when it comes to accessing child care that works for them.

That's why over the over the next five years the government is pledging up to $1 billion to create up to 30,000 new child care spaces in schools across the province to provide young children with a safe environment to learn and grow. Included in this commitment is nearly 10,000 child care spaces that will be built in new schools.

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