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  • Archive: Toronto West Courthouse

    A new major Toronto West courthouse will be built to better serve the west end of the city by increasing the capacity of the city's justice services. Here's what people are saying:

    Archived Backgrounder | Attorney General

  • Archive: Government support to the auto industry

    Rationale As indicated in the November 2008 Speech from the Throne and, more recently, by the governments of Canada and Ontario, the Government of Canada is committed to supp...

    Archived Backgrounder | Office of the Premier

  • Archive: Fact Sheet: Court Security Upload

    Ontario will remove court security and prisoner transportation costs from municipal budgets by 2018, phasing in the upload of these costs starting in 2012. The upload will save municipalities as mu...

    Archived Backgrounder | Municipal Affairs and Housing

  • Archive: The Budget Measures Act, 2008 (no.2)

    On October 22, 2008, Minister of Finance Dwight Duncan introduced The Budget Measures and Interim Appropriation Act, 2008 (No.2) in the Ontario legislature.

    Archived Backgrounder | Finance

  • Archive: 2008 Ontario Economic Outlook And Fiscal Review

    Since the McGuinty government delivered the 2008 Ontario Budget in March, the global economy has changed.  The slowing U.S. economy and global financial situation are causing significant uncer...

    Archived Backgrounder | Finance

  • Archive: Managing Expenditures

    The 2008 Budget forecast for Ontario economic growth in 2008 was 1.1 per cent. Due to global economic uncertainty and a significant lowering of private sector forecasts, the government is now proje...

    Archived Backgrounder | Finance

  • Archive: Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship

    Created in 1973, the Ontario Medal for Good Citizenship recognizes people who, through exceptional long-term efforts, have made outstanding contributions to the well-being of their communities.

    Archived Backgrounder | Citizenship and Immigration