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  • Minimum Wage in Ontario

    Ontario is increasing minimum wage to $11 per hour on June 1, 2014, giving the province the highest minimum wage in Canada. Ontario is acting on the recommendations put forward by the Minimum...

    Backgrounder | Labour

  • Making Ontario's Minimum Wage Fair and Predictable

    Ontario is taking the next step to ensure the province's minimum wage keeps pace with the cost of living, and that increases are fair for families and predictable for businesses.  

    News release | Labour

  • Ontario Establishes New Minimum Wage Advisory Panel

    Ontario has appointed an Advisory Panel on the Minimum Wage to give advice on Ontario's minimum wage policy. Committee members were selected based on the diversity of their backgrounds, qualificati...

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  • Archive: Ensuring Temporary Workers' Rights

    Ontario will help ensure fairness in the workplace by proactively inspecting temp agencies across the province in a three-month blitz this summer.

    Archived News Release | Labour

  • Archive: Protecting Vulnerable Workers

    Temporary Help Agencies Nearly 1,000 temp agencies operate in Ontario. About 735,000 people in Ontario work in temporary jobs; many of them are employed by temp agenci...

    Archived Backgrounder | Labour

  • Archive: Preventing Construction Traffic Injuries

    Ontario is working to improve the safety of workers at road work sites and construction sites with a targeted, month-long blitz.

    Archived News Release | Labour