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Community Go Green Fund recipients

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Community Go Green Fund recipients

Ontario is providing $2.5 million to support 23 community-based greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction projects across the province. The support is from the Community Go Green Fund, a new, four year $6.6 million funding program. Successful recipients vary across the province from community groups and small municipalities to environmental groups. Every project is tailored to meet the local needs of the community to help residents switch to a lower carbon lifestyle and reduce their climate change impact.

Community Group Location Project Funding
Alternative Transportation Options Association of Toronto Niagara Falls and Toronto The "Bike Train" encourages sustainable transportation between Toronto and Niagara. Commuters can bring their bikes on VIA trains and reduce their GHG emissions by leaving their cars at home. $97,500 over 1 year
Clean Air Partnership Province-wide "20/20 The Way to Clean Air" is an outreach campaign that enables Ontarians to reduce home and transportation energy use by 20% through a "20/20" conservation planner. Outreach materials will be printed in French, Spanish, Hindi and Somali and partnerships will be expanded to enhance province-wide use of the planner. $68,700
over 1 year
Centretown Citizens Ottawa Corporation Ottawa The "Climate Smart Program" is an education and outreach campaign for mixed-income tenants to provide practical actions to reduce GHGs through low-carbon transportation options, energy conservation and waste minimization. $97,820
over 1 year
Citizen's Environment Watch GTA "Wattwize!" is a student-driven energy conservation program that directly engages Ontarians in energy saving actions. Participants will perform school energy audits, develop  energy conservation plans and measure and share success. $65,875 over 1 year
Conservation Halton Kitchener, Guelph, Mississauga, Toronto, Brampton "IC4, or I Can Change Climate Change", showcases the Mounstberg Energy Institute for Renewable Energy as a forum for students to learn about renewable energy, perform an energy audit, and track and conserve energy use in their daily lives. $160,000 over 2 years
EcoSchools and York University Province-wide "Ontario EcoSchools Go Green" will enhance the delivery of EcoSchools certification by providing tools and training to teachers on engaging students in action plans aimed at energy conservation, school ground greening, waste minimization. $297,850 over 3 years
Eden Mills Millpond Conservation Association Village of Eden Mills "Eden Mills Going Carbon Neutral" will engage residents directly in actions to live a carbon-reduced lifestyle. Educational program focuses on themes such as energy conservation and the replacement of fossil fuels with green power. $116,900 over 2 years
EnviroCentre Ottawa The "Travel Advisory Service" will provide public transit, carpools, telework, teleconferencing, and cycling for 1000 employees across 50 corporations.  $80,000
over 2 years
Everdale Organic Farm & Environmental Learning Centre Town of Erin and Region "Taking Action in the Town of Erin" is a carbon-reduction awareness campaign that  will educate students and teachers about climate change issues and of the benefits of  eat local more often and sustainable transportation. $24, 510 over 1 year
FoodShare Toronto pilot, with province wide implementation "Putting Our Best Foot Forward - Greening the School Community Food Climate" is a food-centred pilot project that will result in the planting of 10 "footprint" gardens, and a composting program to promote sustainable food practices.  Model for implementation across Ontario. $89,950 over 2 years
Friends of the Rouge Watershed GTA A climate change outreach program geared to new Canadians in the GTA. Educational materials and conservation action plans will be distributed in four languages to address awareness barriers to conservation.  Key themes will include energy conservation and carbon storage through hands-on tree planting activities. $102,880
over 2 years
Future Watch Environment and Development Education Partners Toronto "Wiser Green Savvy Communities" is an energy conservation and action plan that will engage Hispanic, Somali and South Asian communities  Community representatives will be trained to become community leaders providing outreach in Spanish and Somali. $91,750 over 1 year
Green Communities Canada - EcoDriving Program Hamilton, York Region, Simcoe County and Thunder Bay The "Community Eco-driving" program will result in the development of an education program and action plans on methods that reduce fuel use including maintaining vehicles, avoiding idling and active and green alternatives to driving.  The program will be delivered in several communities across Ontario. $120,000
over 2 years
Hamilton-Wentworth Green Venture Hamilton The "Awareness to Action" project provides tool-kits, resources and direct support to local community groups, businesses and residents to increase awareness of climate change issues and ways to reduce GHGs.  Participants in the program will share their knowledge and experience. $106,249 over 2 years
National Agents and Green Brokers Province-wide "Realtor Energy Conservation Kits" for real estate agents and brokers to distribute to their home buyers and sellers.  The kit will provide information for homeowners to reduce their energy consumption and GHG emissions. The program will also track the uptake of EcoEnergy audits and retrofitting measures.  $50,638 over 1 year
Peterborough Green Up Peterborough Carbon CountDOWN will use education and outreach to engage citizens to reduce GHGs in the areas of transportation, residential/ICI heating; waste reduction; greenspace; purchasing local foods and the benefits of carbon sequestration through tree planting $100,374 over 2 years
Reduce the Juice Waterloo "Driving Home an Emissions Free Future" project is a youth-led community initiative to encourage vehicle owners to pledge their commitment to reduce idling. Surveys will help to  measure success in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.    $26,060
over 1 year
Toronto Chinese for Ecological Living Toronto Outreach program will overcome language and cultural barriers by assisting new Canadians from Hong Kong, Taiwan, main land China and Vietnam to learn about climate change and participate in hands on programs such as tree planting, anti-idling, encouraging alternative transportation, and purchasing locally. $91,240 over 3 years
Toronto Environmental Alliance Province-wide "Low Income Tenant Energy Savers" is a province-wide energy conservation program aimed at empowering low income tenants in private buildings to take direct action to reduce energy consumption. Two tenant-led energy conservation programs will be piloted in two Ontario cities. $158,288 over 2 years
Town of Blue Mountain Town of Blue Mountain An education and outreach program that engages permanent and seasonal residents as wells as local businesses in making long term lifestyle changes to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.   $99,675 over 2 years
University Health Network Toronto TLC, "Thermostats, Lights and Controls" uses employee engagement, social marketing andtraining    to increase awareness and reduce energy consumption in hospitals.  A pilot focused on Toronto General will serve as a model for implementation province-wide. $100,000 over 1 year
Woodstock and District Developmental Services Southwestern Ontario The "Forests for Life" project is a community tree-planting program for youth and developmentally challenged volunteers to participate in hands-on  activities that educate on the importance of carbon sequestration and energy conservation through tree-cover cooling. $268,860
over 3 years
World Wildlife Fund Province-wide "Mobilizing Ontario Communities for The Good Life" will mobilize Ontarians in 30 communities to actively participate in The Good Life and reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by at least one tonne. Action areas include Home Energy, Cars and Transportation, Recreation and Culture, and Food and Shopping. $132, 016 over 1 year


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