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Ontario recognizes environmental leaders

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Ontario recognizes environmental leaders

McGuinty Government Rewards Environmental Excellence

Four more companies are being welcomed into Ontario's Environmental Leaders program.

General Motors, Fielding Chemical, Nalco and Exhibition Place were recognized today at the Green Living Show for the following outstanding environmental efforts:  

  • General Motors reduced its total facility greenhouse gas emissions by 49 per cent between 1990 and 2006 while assembling over 12 per cent more vehicles. GM also invested in one of the most environmentally advanced paint systems of its kind for the Oshawa plant.  
  • Fielding Chemical is the most sophisticated chemical and refrigerant recycling plant in Canada, and is converting 750,000 litres of hazardous waste into a re-usable product.
  • Nalco is the world's leading water treatment company, and is reducing electricity use by 20 per cent and making a 30 per cent reduction in hazardous waste generation.
  • Exhibition Place is home to the first urban wind turbine and has committed to 80 per cent waste diversion by 2010.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario’s Environmental Leaders Program is a unique partnership between the government and those companies that promote efficient and environmentally friendly practices.
  • There are currently nine members including: Trillium Health Centre, Teknion, Cargill, Rohm and Haas, and Steelcase.

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“Sustainable and responsible business is good for the environment and the green economy. I commend General Motors, Exhibition Place, Fielding Chemical and Nalco for aggressively greening their Ontario facilities.”

John Gerretsen

Minister of the Environment

“General Motors is honoured to be the first automaker admitted to the prestigious OEL Program. We have worked consistently over a long period of time to take significant action to reduce the environmental impact of our facilities and offer customers meaningful and affordable environmental vehicle choices.”

David Paterson

Vice president corporate and environmental activities for General Motors of Canada

“Exhibition Place is committed to being a world leader in energy-efficient technologies. Since 2004, Exhibition Place has been actively implementing environmental initiatives to create, conserve and reduce energy consumption across our 192-acre site. We are proud to be welcomed into the Ontario Environmental Leaders program, and thank the ministry for this prestigious honour.”

Joe Pantalone

Chair of the Board of Governors of Exhibition Place and Deputy Mayor



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