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Support For A Cosmetic Pesticide Ban

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Support For A Cosmetic Pesticide Ban

"We're delighted the government has listened to our doctors and nurses and introduced a ban on lawn and garden pesticides. We still need to ensure the regulations are good and strong, but Ontario is now positioning itself to be a North American leader in this area."
            Gideon Forman, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the    Environment

"Pesticide Free Ontario is delighted with the swift and decisive action Premier McGuinty's government is taking to protect public health and our environment, by introducing legislation to ban the sale and use of lawn and garden pesticides."
            Sari Merson, Pesticide Free Ontario

"The Ontario College of Family Physicians solidly supports a province-wide ban on the use of cosmetic pesticides.  Our research demonstrates the many health effects associated with pesticides. On behalf of our most vulnerable patients, the children of this province, we are pleased to hear that government has moved so quickly to develop this important legislation."
            Jan Kasperski, Chief Executive Officer, Ontario College of Family Physicians

"Ontario children will be better off thanks to this legislation. We're also delighted that the government is moving quickly to implement these laws."
            Doris Grinspun, Executive Director, Registered Nurses' Association of Ontario.

"We're very pleased the government is not only banning the use but also the sale of cosmetic pesticides in Ontario. We're especially proud of the tremendous effort of our volunteers and staff who played a significant role advocating for municipal pesticide bylaws. Now with this provincial legislation, all Ontarians will be protected from cancers associated with exposure to certain pesticides. We look forward to more details on the legislation and the development of strong regulations."
            Peter Goodhand, Chief Executive Officer, Canadian Cancer Society, Ontario Division

"Since 2004 when the City of Toronto passed its Pesticide Bylaw, the public and business community has significantly reduced their use of toxic pesticides and embraced more natural methods of lawn and garden care. The provincial plan to ban both pesticide sales and use will ensure the most comprehensive health protection for the public."
            Dr. David McKeown, Medical Officer of Health, City of Toronto

"I applaud the Provincial Government's new aggressive action to ban the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides. It goes farther than we were able to go in 2004 when we banned pesticides in the City of Toronto and it makes the job of delivering a cleaner, safer and more healthy environment for Torontonians,  and all municipalities in Ontario easier."
            David Miller, Mayor of Toronto

"Ontario is demonstrating leadership by banning the use and sale of lawn and garden pesticides. The measures announced today will help to minimize a needless source of chemical exposures.  I'm confident that Ontarians are ready to make the switch to non-toxic gardening techniques to protect their health and the environment."
            Peter Robinson, Chief Executive Officer, David Suzuki Foundation 

"Legislation addressing the cosmetic use of pesticides is consistent with the advice of Ontario's municipalities and AMO. The proposed ban will provide a uniform and province-wide response to an important public policy issue."
            Doug Reycraft, President, Association of Municipalities of Ontario

"The Ontario Public Health Association is pleased to see a ban on the use and sale of pesticides for cosmetic purposes.  This enabling legislation is another positive step the McGuinty government is taking to protect the health of our children and our environment."
            Connie Uetrecht, Executive Director, Ontario Public Health Association

"Canadian Tire welcomes the government of Ontario's move to eliminate the improper use of cosmetic pesticides. As the country's largest retailer of lawn and garden products, we've listened to our customers and started phasing out these products, while increasing our already dominant assortment of eco-friendly lawn care products. Canadian Tire will continue to provide customers with all of the support and green-alternatives they need as we head into the spring planting and gardening season."
            Mike Arnett, President, Canadian Tire Retail

"Wal-Mart Canada is pleased that the McGuinty Government is creating a consistent set of rules to govern the sale and use of cosmetic pesticides in Ontario. We have already increased the number of eco-friendly options in our Garden Centres, and have provided valuable material to educate our associates and customers about chemical alternatives. It is our intention to have cosmetic pesticides off our shelves before the end of 2008."
            Sylvain Prudhomme, Senior Vice-President Merchandising, Wal-Mart Canada

"The McGuinty government has delivered on its promise with a Bill that ensures consistent standards everywhere, which apply equally to professionals servicing our green infrastructure and the do-it-yourself market."
            Gavin Dawson, Chair, Lawncare Commodity Group, Landscape Ontario

"The Organic Landscape Alliance is pleased that all Ontarians will be now be protected by legislation that was previously only protecting those in select municipalities. OLA looks forward to strong regulations and an effective education program that will empower Ontarians to create healthy and sustainable landscapes with truly organic products."
            Mark MacKenzie, President, Organic Landscape Alliance

"Like our customers, we, at The Home Depot, are concerned about the environment. We are going above and beyond government regulations by working with our suppliers to develop pesticide alternatives that are environmentally friendly and produce excellent results on lawns and gardens.  We currently have over 50 natural lawn and garden care solutions in-stock."
            Annette Verschuren, President of The Home Depot Canada and Asia.



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