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New law bans cosmetic pesticides

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New law bans cosmetic pesticides

McGuinty Government To Consult On List Of Banned Products And Ingredients

A province-wide ban on the sale and use of pesticides is one step closer today with the passage of the Cosmetic Pesticides Ban Act by the Ontario legislature.

Over the summer, the government will consult on the specifics of the ban:

  • The products to be banned from sale
  • The ingredients to be banned from use
  • The rules around exceptions for agriculture, forestry and golf courses, with conditions.

The province will also develop rules for other exceptions, such as fighting West Nile virus, for example, and other health or safety issues.

Once the ban is fully in place, it will take the place of existing municipal pesticide by-laws, bringing consistency across the province and protecting Ontarians regardless of where they live. The provincial law, unlike municipal by-laws, bans the sale of cosmetic pesticides, not just their use. It also sets out the rules for the transportation, storage and disposal of pesticides, requirements that municipal by-laws cannot control.   

The ban should take effect in spring 2009.

Quick Facts

  • The ministry received 6,940 submissions in response to a January 18 Environmental Registry posting that outlined the government’s intent to introduce legislation that would ban the cosmetic use of pesticides. About 90 per cent of comments reviewed were supportive.

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“I’m pleased by the support we’ve received for a ban. Clearly, Ontarians share our feelings that using pesticides for purely cosmetic reasons is an unnecessary risk to our families and the environment, especially when there are natural alternatives to caring for our lawns and gardens.”

John Gerretsen

Minister of the Environment

“The Ontario College of Family Physicians was delighted to hear that Bill 64 was passed today thanks to the leadership of Premier Dalton McGuinty and Minister Gerretsen. The OCFP looks forward to pesticide free communities and thanks the provincial government for their efforts to protect the health of our children and grandchildren.”

Jan Kasperski

Chief executive officer, Ontario College of Family Physicians



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