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Update on Pottersburg PCB site

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Update on Pottersburg PCB site

The Pottersburg Community Liaison Group was formed in June 2008 to represent local community interests in the plan to remove PCB contaminated material from the Pottersburg Storage Site.  It is seeking up to four new members to more broadly represent community interests during the decommissioning process. 

The Group's work to date has centred on examining the details of the contract the ministry will seek for the removal of the PCB contaminated materials.  The new Group will facilitate even greater community input for the duration of the project.

Application for membership is now open and the deadline for submissions is August 29, 2008.  Download an application, or pick one up at the ministry's London District Office at 733 Exeter Rd., East London, Crouch or Beacock Library, or at the London City Hall, 8th floor, 300 Dufferin Avenue.


The current Community Liaison Group will have a role to play in selecting the new members.  We are planning to have the first expanded Group meeting early in the fall.  The meeting date will be posted on the ministry's website as soon as details are finalized and the public will be invited to attend.


As of Friday August 8, 2008, a new section on the ministry's web site will provide important tools and information for the public and will be regularly updated as the work unfolds.  The new section will also provide information about the Request for Proposals to engage a contractor for the decommissioning work. 

Vendors can now access the Request for Proposals on the MERX web site. The ministry is seeking input from the public on the Request for Proposals.  Interested members of the public can view a plain language version of the Request for Proposals and have until August 31, 2008 to submit comments or questions regarding the Request for Proposals. The ministry will post any changes made to the Request for Proposals resulting from public comments in time to allow   bidders to incorporate additional requirements.

The Community Liaison Group will liaise between the community, the ministry and the contractor for the duration of the project, once the contract is awarded.

Quick Facts

  • In its 2008-2009 Budget, the Ontario Government announced $56 million will be spent over two years to remove and destroy PCB-contaminated soils currently stored at the Pottersburg site.
  • The Pottersburg PCB Storage Site on Clarke Road in London is a closed, controlled, secure containment facility owned and operated by the Ministry of the Environment (MOE).

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