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Ontario and Netherlands partner on environment

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Ontario and Netherlands partner on environment

McGuinty Government Signs Pact On Air, Land And Water Issues

Ontario and the Netherlands have signed a Memorandum of Understanding on environmental cooperation.

The two jurisdictions will tackle issues of polluted air, land and water, look for ways to reduce human impact on the natural environment and share environmental information, experience and technologies.

This year, they will focus on climate change, waste management, soil remediation and source water protection. For 2010, they have agreed to address sustainable water use through water conservation and efficiency, urban and regional planning, clean energy and transboundary and regional air pollution

The agreement may also open new opportunities for Ontario environment companies to market products, technologies and services to the Netherlands.

Quick Facts

  • The MOU was signed by Ontario Environment Minister John Gerretsen and Netherlands’ Ambassador Wim Geerts, on behalf of Dr. Jacqueline Cramer, the Netherlands’ Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning.
  • Ontario has been developing closer partnerships with various provinces, states and organizations on environmental issues.
  • Under the agreement, Ontario and the Netherlands will form an implementation committee and develop workplans for the environmental cooperation areas.

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“Ontario is committed to working closely with jurisdictions around the world on key environmental issues such as climate change. We can only meet these pressing global challenges through cooperation.”

John Gerretsen

Minister of the Environment

“The Netherlands welcomes Ontario’s pioneering role in developing integrated environmental policies and practices, particularly related to issues such as climate change and soil remediation. We see tremendous potential for cooperation between our environmental companies and Ontario’s environmental industry to address the challenges that we face.”

Spokesman for Dr. Jaqueline Cramer

Netherlands’ Minister of Environment and Spatial Planning



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