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Celebrating Earth Week

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Celebrating Earth Week

McGuinty Government Releases Water Quality Report

Thirty-five students from Toronto's Denlow Public School marked the start of earth week by learning more about water.

The students were visiting the Ontario Science Centre, where they were joined by Environment Minister John Gerretsen.  The kids learned how to use a secchi disk to check the clarity of water, a simple test of the water's quality.  

Ontario is a world leader in water monitoring. Monitoring reveals the state of Ontario's water resources, the impacts of human activities and the causes of water quality problems.  It also supports the development of water protection initiatives.

At an event the same day with 50 students from Don Mills Collegiate, the province also released the Water Quality in Ontario 2008 Report.  The report provides information about the state of our water resources, and shows the government is making progress on improving water quality.

Quick Facts

  • In addition to the Great Lakes, Ontario has more than a quarter of a million inland lakes and over a half million kilometres of rivers and streams.
  • Every year, the Ministry of the Environment collects and analyzes tens of thousands of samples from water, sediment and aquatic life such as fish and algae.
  • The report includes information on the effects of toxic substances, phosphorus, acid rain and climate change on Ontario’s water.

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“We are taking action on many fronts to protect Ontario’s water. Our extensive monitoring programs provide valuable information that helps us protect water quality in Ontario now and in the future.”

John Gerretsen

Minister of the Environment



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