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Backgrounder: Community Go Green Fund projects

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Backgrounder: Community Go Green Fund projects

Round 2, 2009 - 2010

Caledon Countryside Alliance (CCA)

"Take a Bite out of Climate Change" is an innovative project to be launched in 2009 as part of Eat Local Caledon -- a program to re-build the local food and farming system in Caledon.  This project will link local food and farming with greenhouse gas emissions, to build a better understanding of its relationship to climate change.

Camp Kawartha Incorporated

Camp Kawartha will construct a "Zero Footprint Environment Centre" using green architecture to showcase carbon neutral features.  With the centre as an example, students and adults will see that carbon emissions can be reduced.  Organizers will also provide info to encourage long-term behaviour changes.

Citizens for a Sustainable Cobourg

Creating the "Cobourg Go Green Centre" will provide a central information clearing house for programs, incentives and tips about energy efficiency, alternative technology and waste reduction. Residents and local businesses will be challenged to use the information to make lifestyle changes.  This initiative will reduce Cobourg's carbon footprint by more than 800 tonnes and be a significant factor in helping the community meet its greenhouse gas reduction target of 23,080 tonnes.

Conservation Council of Ontario
Toronto, Oshawa and Oakville
Email: cco@web.ca

A "Community Conservation Network" brings together local government, community groups and businesses to develop a vision and action plan on living 'green'. Networks will be started in Toronto, Oshawa and Oakville.  About 100 community organizations are expected to participate involving over 300,000 Ontarians.
Cornwall Carbon Reduction Initiative (CCRI)
613-932-2088    Email: ccri@eotb-cfeo.on.ca

The "Climate Change Awareness Project for Youth" is an innovative pilot project for the classroom that will engage students in climate change concepts and actions.  Carbon-equivalent emissions from homes and cars will be reduced by at least 750 tonnes during the project.

The Corporation of the Township of the Municipality of Centre Hastings                                  
Hastings Township and County

"Understanding and Managing Our Carbon Emissions in Centre Hastings" is an education program set up by the township and Hastings Stewardship Council on the importance of forests, energy conservation, waste reduction and eating local foods. The project aims to induce long-term behaviour change so that carbon emissions in Hastings County are reduced by three percent in 2010.  

The Dearness Environmental Society
416-231-0757; 416 556-5963

"Energy Efficient Schools: Empowering Occupants" will develop and pilot a school energy efficiency plan for the Sudbury Catholic School Board.  Students, teachers, administrators and custodial staff in 24 schools will take part.  Targets include reducing natural gas consumption by 4,000 m3, and electricity by 4500kWh per school. Also, Grade 5 science and Grade 9 geography curricula will include climate change and energy conservation.

Durham Conservation Centres
Durham Region
905-427-0061   Email: info@sustain-ability.ca

"Factor Four: Waste, Water, Energy and Transportation" will challenge Durham Region citizens to use GHG calculators and other tools to measure and monitor their water, energy, waste, and transportation use.   Being aware of behaviours and their consequences will help participants make lifestyle changes that reduce greenhouse gases.

The Elora Centre for Environmental Excellence
Owen Sound, Wellington North, Centre Wellington
1-866-865-7337  Email: wellaware@ecee.on.ca

Through "Green Retail Small Commercial Audits," the Elora Centre will conduct 225 energy audits on small commercial enterprises in Centre Wellington (75 audits), Wellington North (50 audits), and Owen Sound Grey County (100 audits).  These audits will be used to give participants customized advice on energy conservation and greenhouse gas reduction.
Environmental Earth Angels
Urban and suburban areas across Ontario

"GHG Emissions and My Ecosystem" uses the butterfly and other illustrations to connect kids physically and emotionally to their natural environment. Directed at children (grades 3-6) in 30 schools across the province, the project hopes to reach 900 households and collectively reduce GHG emissions by 1.1 tonne/year.



The "Evergreen Learning Grounds Shade and Energy Conservation Project" is about trees, shade and school grounds. The project will develop a professional workshop for teachers on the importance of shade in energy conservation, motivate the school community to plant trees and coach local committees on greening school grounds.

FoodShare Toronto
Toronto downtown

"7 Steps from Roots to Rooftops" will highlight 7 elements of FoodShare's downtown-Toronto operation to inform clients and neighbours that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is possible and practical. FoodShare serves a wide range of individuals including students, tenants, seniors and new Canadians.

Green Here: Community Reforestation and Greening Initiatives
416-656-8025, ext. 371

The "Community Environmental Planning Program" addresses climate change by improving and enhancing city green spaces.  Over 1,100 large, native canopy trees will be planted in four Toronto neighbourhoods. Tools will also be available online to help other communities green their spaces.

Greenest City Environmental Organization
Toronto, Parkdale area

"From the Ground Up" is an innovative project that offers the people of Toronto's Parkdale district the capacity, support and space needed to grow local food.  Other project benefits include building community spirit, and improving environmental and community health.
Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
West Central Region -- Waterdown

"Green on Top at Waterdown" gives high-school students first-hand experience with climate-change issues, with help from the community.  High-school students will design and build renewable energy projects at the school.  The Waterdown District High School will act as an exemplar of sustainable technology and will showcase greenroofing, solar waterheating, air preheating and photovoltaic power.

Jane/Finch Community and Family Centre
Toronto, Jane/Finch community
416-633-2733, ext. 411

The "Green Change Project" will teach homeowners and tenants in Toronto's Jane/Finch neighbourhood about waste reduction, energy conservation and environmentally friendly habits. Aligned with the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and Toronto Community Housing Corporation, organizers aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 500kg per household and foster the belief that a green community is a shared responsibility.  

Ladies of the Lake Conservation Association
Lake Simcoe and watershed area

"Behind the Lens" will encourage youth to make short films about the lake and surrounds.  In so doing, they will develop an affinity for the lake, learn about climate change and understand the importance of reducing greenhouse gases.  Residents will benefit too, as the films will be shown locally at events that encourage everyone to be more environmentally responsible.   

LEAF - Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests

Toronto and York regions

The "Tree Tenders Volunteer Training Program" will educate people on the importance of trees in the city, and train volunteers on ways to achieve healthy trees in their Toronto and York region neighbourhoods.  

Local 75 (Hospitality Workers) Housing Co-operative Inc.
Toronto, downtown

"60 Richmond Street East" is a project about teaching residents the energy saving and recycling features of their new, built-to-Leeds standard home.  Organizers estimate that after the training, residents will reduce greenhouse gases by 270 tonnes per year and take further actions to reduce carbon emissions.

Nipissing University
North Bay and region
705-474-3450 ext 4157

The "Nipissing Biomass Energy Centre" will teach people about biomass heating systems, a better environmental fuel choice than fossil fuels.  People will see the benefits of burning biomass pellets for heat and switch from fossil fuels.  This will reduce greenhouse gases in the area.  

Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement (OCETA)
Toronto GTA

The "Climate Change Stewardship Project" is a greater-Toronto-area based project to make consumers, businesses and government more aware of energy efficiency and sustainability. Small- to medium-sized manufacturing enterprises will receive special attention and help in order to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions by 8 to 12 percent.

Ontario First Nations Technical Services Corporation

The First Nations' "Take Action and Go Green" project involves youth, homeowners and tenants in six First Nations communities. Workshops will cover simple ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in every day life and encourage long-term behaviour change.  Communities have not been selected yet.

The Pembina Foundation for Environmental Research and Education
Pembina Institute

The "GHG Education and Action Campaign" will teach students in selected schools about climate change.  Specific GHG reduction targets are 15 per cent for school travel, 10 per cent for public school electricity use, and 5 per cent for high school energy use.  If successful, then the program may be a pilot for use in other schools.

Popular Education and Research Catalyst Centre Inc.

"Not far from the Tree" is a project to take advantage of fruit grown by Toronto homeowners. Over 500 volunteers will pick and distribute fruit as well as train others on preserving, canning and freezing techniques. Organizers plan to harvest 12,000 pounds of fruit, create a database of 300 trees and connect neighbourhoods with local partner agencies.

Rideau Canal Festival - Festival du Canal Rideau


"Aim for Zero Footprint Festival Model" will reduce waste and greenhouse gas emissions arising from Ontario festivals and events. The idea stems from the Rideau Canal Festival's success in 2007 when it diverted 72 percent of the festival's waste. Organizers will build on lessons learned to develop a model, including an online carbon calculator, that other festival and event organizers can use.   

Royal Botanical Gardens
Burlington area

The Royal Botanical Gardens overall goal of "Sustainable Gardens: No Mow! No Blow! No H2O!" is to help landowners switch to a lower carbon lifestyle.   Expected benefits include a more educated consumer, and a reduction in overall CO2 emissions in Ontario by 192,000 kilograms.

Sierra Club of Canada
613-241-1615      Email: ontario@sys-cjs.org

The "Campus Climate Change Challenge" is part of a global movement involving college and university students to bring local, national and international attention to the climate change crisis. Locally, participants aim to cut energy use by five per cent through the Residence Challenge.

Sustainable Waterloo

The "CO2 Initiative" will use workshops, forums and online resources to teach Waterloo organizations about monitoring and measuring emissions, climate change and energy management strategies.  At project's end, Waterloo will have a Regional Sustainability Services Directory and at least three high-tech firms that have significantly reduced their CO2 emissions.   

SWITCH, Kingston's Alternative Energy Cluster
613-547-6700, ext 129

This project removes a barrier to small-scale renewable energy projects by providing "how-to" workshops for homeowners.  Online resources, vendor-contractor arrangements, networking and other tools will help participants tackle their own projects.  Organizers hope to facilitate 30 projects, resulting in greenhouse gas emissions being reduced by 22 to 24 tonnes.

Taddlewood Heritage Association
Email: greenneighbours@yahoo.ca

The "Community Greenhouse Gas Reduction Campaign" will teach homeowners how to reduce greenhouse gases through energy conservation.  The project will also link participants with service providers and other community resources to share educational information.   

Toronto Zoo
GTA Toronto area

"ECO Executives!" will use aspects of the Toronto Zoo to reconnect Ontario business leaders with the natural environment. Zoo staff will use the animals, exhibits, habitats and other resources to teach executives about climate change.  Topics will include office energy conservation, renewable energy, green roof waste management and 'green' social and business marketing.

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA)
Toronto Airport area
416-661-6600 ext 5316

"Partners in Project Green" is a public-private collaboration targeting businesses in the Toronto Airport area.  The project aims to engage 500 businesses in greenhouse gas reduction activities, and 10 companies in full-fledged plans so that participants will have reduced their GHG emissions by six per cent below 1990 levels.

Tucker House Renewal Centre

Ottawa and surrounding area

"Get ENERGY Smart" will help homeowners and tenants be more energy savvy in their home energy use.  As a result, participants will have a clearer understanding of where their energy dollars are going and be motivated to make changes that reduce costs and greenhouse gases.

Wellington Water Watchers

"Message in a Bottle" aims to inspire water stewardship in children.  Up to 50,000 public school students in Wellington County will receive a reusable stainless steel bottle and a bookmark with a water stewardship or sustainability message.  An in-school program will reinforce water conservation and stewardship behaviours.