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Reducing Toxics In Our Environment

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Reducing Toxics In Our Environment

McGuinty Government Helps Industry Reduce Toxics Use, Find Green Alternatives

Ontario is helping its manufacturing and industrial sectors use fewer toxic substances and move to greener, healthier alternatives.

Part of the province's Toxics Reduction Strategy includes legislation introduced today that would, if passed, require regulated facilities to:

  • Track and evaluate their current use and release of toxics
  • Develop a plan to reduce the use and release of toxics, and
  • Make a summary of the plan available to the public.

Should Bill 167, the proposed Toxics Reduction Act, 2009, be passed, the province would be investing $24 million to help support Ontario's industries transform their processes, find green chemistry alternatives and reduce the use of toxics in their operations.

The Toxics Reduction Strategy aims to find a balance between protecting human health and the environment, and supporting the transformation of businesses to the green economy. The strategy is built upon the recommendations of the Toxics Reduction Scientific Expert Panel and consultations with a wide range of stakeholders.

The Bill is available on the Environmental Registry at www.ebr.gov.on.ca (registry # 010-6224) for public comment until May 7, 2009.

Quick Facts

  • Massachusetts and New Jersey have had successful toxic reduction legislation in place for several years.
  • The province continues to work on modernizing the Certificate of Approvals process to lessen the regulatory burden on industry.
  • According to research, over 90 per cent of Ontarians put toxics on par with climate change as a priority environmental issue.

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“Ontarians want a strong economy and a high quality of life. With this proposed legislation, we can begin the important work of reducing toxics and building greener, healthier and more prosperous communities across Ontario.”

John Gerretsen

Environment Minister

“The global market is seeking innovative alternatives to toxic products and processes. We are committed to supporting Ontario companies become leaders in the green economy and meet the worldwide demand for greener products.”

John Wilkinson

Research and Innovation Minister



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