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Scientists Help Protect Lake Simcoe

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Scientists Help Protect Lake Simcoe

McGuinty Government Appoints New Science Committee

Nine leading scientific experts in watershed protection have been appointed to the new Lake Simcoe Science Committee.

Dr. Peter Dillon, an internationally recognized research scientist and expert in the chemistry of lakes and their watersheds, will chair the committee.

The committee will play an important role in implementing the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan.  Members will build on the government's work to protect Lake Simcoe by providing advice from a scientific perspective about the lake and its watershed.  Their first tasks will be to advise the government on:

  • A proposed strategy to reduce phosphorus from all sources around the lake
  • The use of water quality trading as a tool to reduce phosphorus levels
  • A proposal for a regulation to protect the shorelines in the Lake Simcoe watershed.

Quick Facts

  • The long-term goal of the Lake Simcoe Protection Plan is to reduce the total amount of phosphorus that enters the lake from 72 to 44 tonnes a year.
  • The Lake Simcoe Protection Plan came into effect in June 2009 following passage of the Lake Simcoe Protection Act.

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“The work of the science committee will be very important as we continue to protect Lake Simcoe and its watershed. I look forward to the advice of the committee as we move forward.”

John Gerretsen

Minister of the Environment

“The new Lake Simcoe Science Committee will help guide our actions in the watershed based on the best available science. Maintaining a healthy ecosystem in Lake Simcoe and its watershed means communities and residents across the watershed will continue to enjoy the many benefits of the lake now and in the future.”

Aileen Carroll

MPP Barrie

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