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Ontario Congratulates Clean Businesses

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Ontario Congratulates Clean Businesses

McGuinty Government Recognizes Environmental Excellence

PowerStream and Warren's Waterless Printing are the newest members of Ontario's Environmental Leaders program.

PowerStream is committing to achieve annual conservation targets, and reducing the amount of PCBs used in providing electricity to its customers in York Region and Simcoe County by 40 per cent by 2013. Other environmental actions include meeting internationally recognized green building standards in the construction of new facilities as well as further reducing fleet and employee vehicle emissions.

Warren's Waterless Printing is recognized for buying all its electricity from Bullfrog Power, a supplier of 100 per cent renewable energy. Other recent environmental actions include reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) by 15 per cent in 2009 and reducing electricity use by 20 per cent by 2010. Warren's printing process eliminates the need for water and conserves an estimated 200,000 litres of water annually.

Companies recognized under the ministry's Environmental Leaders program have demonstrated a good environmental compliance record, and management system, and a commitment to reducing environmental impacts and public communications and reporting.

Quick Facts

  • VOCs are used in cleaning agents, dry cleaning fluid and paints. They are also used in printing to clean presses. VOCs may have chronic health and negative environmental effects, and contribute to smog.
  • PCB (polychlorinated biphenyls) production was banned in the 1970s; however some are still in use in transformers and capacitors in the electricity industry. PCBs are toxic and can contaminate the environment for decades if not managed properly.

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“Today we are congratulating two Ontario-based businesses that are environmental stewards. Warren's Waterless Printing and PowerStream prove that protecting our environment makes good business sense. I urge all businesses in Ontario to take the same approach to lower their emissions and energy use.”

John Gerretsen

Minister of the Environment

“PowerStream's commitment to being a leader in environmental initiatives is embedded within the company's vision statement. Being recognized by the Ministry of the Environment as one of Ontario's Environmental Leaders is an honour and consistent with how we continue to approach our business operations.”

Peter Meffe

Board Chair, PowerStream

“Warren's Waterless Printing is proud to be a member of Ontario's Environmental Leaders program. Every possible impact on the environment is addressed at Warren's, from recycling, conserving water, reducing volatile organic compounds, to powering the presses with clean, renewable energy. Warren's is a pioneer and remains a leader in environmentally friendly printing.”

Glen Warren

Vice President, Warren's Waterless Printing

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