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New Drive Clean Test Better For The Environment

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New Drive Clean Test Better For The Environment

The Drive Clean's emissions test is being improved to protect the health of Ontarians and improve air quality. 

This new test is the right test for today's technologically advanced vehicles. Even the most sophisticated vehicle can become a polluter if its emissions system is not maintained.

The faster, more accurate on-board diagnostic test uses information stored in a vehicle's own computer system to identify emissions problems or parts failures for repair. The test will be introduced at some Drive Clean centres in fall 2011 with full implementation at all centres by January 1, 2013. This change is expected to reduce smog-causing pollutants by 20 per cent over the current test.

The government has also taken steps to make the Drive Clean program even better by streamlining administration and putting in place more stringent repair oversight measures. With this modern approach, Drive Clean will continue to play an important role in protecting our air, our health and our environment.


Drive Clean services are provided through a network of 2,100 small and medium-sized private sector business partners employing about 10,000 Ontarians.

Quick Facts

  • In 2007, one third less smog-causing pollutants were released from vehicles as a result of Drive Clean tests and the emissions system repairs that resulted.
  • From 2000 to 2007, Drive Clean reduced particulate matter emissions from trucks and buses by an average of over 200 tonnes per year for a total of almost 1,900 tonnes. In 2007, Drive Clean was responsible for reducing particulate matter emissions by 254 tonnes.
  • Today, almost 90 per cent of the five million vehicles subject to Drive Clean testing in Ontario are equipped with on-board diagnostic technology. By 2013, that number will rise to almost 93 per cent of vehicles requiring testing.
  • Currently, 33 jurisdictions across North America operate vehicle inspection and maintenance programs using on-board diagnostic testing.

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