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Ontario Continues Drinking Water Leadership

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Ontario Continues Drinking Water Leadership

McGuinty Government Receives Chief Drinking Water Inspector's Annual Report

Ontarians continue to enjoy access to safe, clean drinking water thanks to the province's strict water quality standards.

The province's Chief Drinking Water Inspector's fifth annual report provides an overview of the state of Ontario's drinking water including quality tests, inspection and performance.

The report's findings show that over 99 per cent of drinking water tests met Ontario's strict water quality standards, including:

  • 99.87 per cent of tests reported at municipal drinking water systems
  • 99.38 per cent of the tests at systems serving designated facilities such as day cares, schools or health care centres
  • 99.40 per cent of the tests at private systems serving residential developments and mobile home parks  

Ontario's expertise in providing safe, clean drinking water is part of the government's Open Ontario Plan to make the province the leading clean water jurisdiction in North America.

Quick Facts

  • Drinking water quality results from all regulated systems over the past five years have consistently demonstrated that more than 99 per cent of tests meet our strict drinking water quality standards.
  • More than 600,000 tests were conducted on drinking water samples from drinking water systems in 2008-09.

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“We all remember the challenges Ontarians faced in the wake of the Walkerton tragedy in 2000. Today, Ontario's drinking water standards are an example that can be used around the world.”

John Wilkinson

Minister of the Environment

“Ontario's drinking water is among the best protected in the world. In the past ten years since Walkerton, we have significantly transformed our approach to protecting Ontario's drinking water by ensuring strong drinking water safeguards are in place.”

John Stager

Chief Drinking Water Inspector

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