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Backgrounder: Protecting Ontario Consumers

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Backgrounder: Protecting Ontario Consumers

Ontarians need to know that provincial waste diversion programs are fair and transparent. That's why Ontario is putting new consumer protection measures in place that provide clear information about all our waste diversion programs.

Consumer Protection

  • We are taking action to ensure that where fees are charged in relation to waste diversion programs, fees are in line with true program costs.
  • We have put in place new consumer protection measures for the disposal of products, including electronics, tires and household hazardous wastes such as paint and single-use batteries to ensure where fees are charged, they are in line with program costs.
  • Part of our action plan includes a hotline through the Ministry of Consumer Services that consumers can contact if they believe they have been misled or charged fees that are not appropriate.
  • Staff at the consumer-protection hotline (1-800-889-9768, or TTY: 416-229-6086 or 1-877-666-6545) are available to help consumers who think they may have been charged an inappropriate fee.
  • Undercover shopping and other forms of investigation may take place to ensure that consumers are protected and retailers comply with the legislation.
  • In instances where it is believed that consumers have been charged inappropriately, we will use all the tools available under the Consumer Protection Act, up to and including prosecution.

Improved Program Oversight

The province has requested that consumer representation sit on the independent boards that oversee waste reduction programs. Improved oversight will include provisions for independent, third-party performance audits and increased reporting. 

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