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Backgrounder: The Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act

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Backgrounder: The Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act

Ontario has abundant water resources and some of the best protected water in the world.

That's why the province has set a path to help Ontarians further develop and market clean water technology and services, and conserve water.

An important step to strengthening our leadership in water protection is the Water Opportunities and Water Conservation Act. It will create more jobs in the growing global market for clean water technology and services and support business development in Ontario.

The act will help municipalities improve the efficiency of municipal infrastructure and services by:

  • Identifying innovative, cost effective solutions to solve water challenges
  • Optimizing systems and improving water conservation
  • Identifying opportunities to demonstrate and implement new and emerging Ontario water technologies, services and practices.

The act will also help Ontarians do their part to reduce the amount of water they use through enabling measures such as:

  • Bringing in water efficiency standards for consumer products
  • Setting water use goals
  • Requiring standardized information about water use on water bills.

In addition to the act, the government intends to:

  • Work with partners to pilot new technologies, services and practices; and to help develop and sell new technologies and services for water conservation and treatment, at home and around the world.
  • Educate the public on wise water use.
  • Train the next generation of water professionals.

Ontario will engage stakeholders, First Nations and the public in these initiatives.

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