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New Award Recognizes Green Achievement

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New Award Recognizes Green Achievement

McGuinty Government Celebrates Environmental Excellence

Ontario is now accepting applications for a new award recognizing local green achievement, leadership and innovation.

Launched on World Water Day, the Minister's Award for Environmental Excellence will honour the individuals and organizations working to enhance and protect our environment. Across Ontario, their work is helping to protect our natural resources, raise awareness, create good jobs, and ensure that our children and grandchildren continue to have clean air to breathe and access to an abundance of clean, safe water.

This is part of the Open Ontario plan to build a stronger economy, creating new, good jobs and innovative ways to protect the environment.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario companies, non-governmental organizations, communities, institutions and individuals can apply.
  • Applications will be accepted until May 6th, 2011 and award winners will be recognized in the spring.
  • For 2011, awards are focused on water and toxics reduction. However, applications will be considered in other areas of environmental excellence.
  • In Ontario the clean water industry employs 22,000 people and generates $1.8 billion in sales. That's why Ontario is leading the way in developing clean water technologies to sell to the world.

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“Ontario has a reputation internationally for environmental achievement. We want to showcase the innovative initiatives of both public and private organizations as well as individuals across the province. Celebrating green success in Ontario can lead to even greater environmental protection and new opportunities, investment and jobs.”

John Wilkinson

Minister of the Environment

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