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Changes To Drive Clean Testing Proposed

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Changes To Drive Clean Testing Proposed

McGuinty Government Saving Drivers Time And Money

Ontario is proposing changes to Drive Clean testing that would save drivers time and money, while continuing to protect the environment.

The changes would exempt all vehicles -- cars, trucks and buses -- less than seven years old from being tested as part of their registration renewal. Any vehicle plated as historic would be exempted too. They would also exempt vehicles such as passenger cars, vans and SUVs from being tested if the vehicle is:

  • Being transferred between family members
  • Coming off lease and being purchased by the person who was leasing the vehicle
  • Having its registration renewed and passed a test in the previous year.
The proposed exemptions would come into effect September 1, 2011.

Drive Clean helps ensure that our children and grandchildren have clean air to breathe by reducing smog-causing pollutants. This is part of the Open Ontario plan to build a stronger economy and create jobs while protecting the environment.

Quick Facts

  • Drive Clean has reduced smog-causing pollutants by 260,000 tonnes since the beginning of the program. In 2008 alone, 38,000 tonnes of smog-causing pollutants were reduced.
  • Cleaner fuels, improved emissions technology and better vehicle maintenance all contribute to making testing, beginning when vehicles are five years old, unnecessary.
  • By requiring vehicles' emissions systems to be tested and repaired as a condition of vehicle registration, Drive Clean plays an important role in protecting air quality. Even the most sophisticated vehicle can become a gross polluter if its emissions system is not properly maintained.
  • Vehicles plated historic are 30 years or older and not for regular on-road use.

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“Exempting these vehicles will save many Ontario drivers time and money while posing no risk to the environment or the air we breathe. This allows the program to continue to focus on vehicles most likely to pollute.”

John Wilkinson

Minister of the Environment

“Drive Clean is an important tool in keeping polluting vehicles off our roads and keeping the air we breathe clean. This update to the Drive Clean program reflects the cleaner cars and trucks that are on our roads today.”

Kathleen Wynne

Minister of Transportation

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