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Expert Report Confirms No Direct Health Effects From Wind Turbines

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Expert Report Confirms No Direct Health Effects From Wind Turbines

Safe, Reliable Energy Part of McGuinty Government's Clean Energy Plan

An expert report has concluded there is no direct health risk from wind turbine sound at Ontario's regulated setback distance.

The study analyzed the latest findings on low frequency noise and infrasound from wind turbines.  In addition, three experts in the field of noise, vibration and acoustics reviewed and validated the report.

The report found that the province's rules to control wind turbine sound are rigorous. Ontario has one of the strictest noise limits in North America, which includes a 550 metre minimum setback, based on a 40 decibel limit. These requirements align with the limits set by the World Health Organization.  

Building a clean energy system that supports healthier families, a clean environment and a green economy is part of the McGuinty government's plan to create jobs for Ontario families and ensure we have the electricity we need to power our homes, schools, hospitals and our economy.

Quick Facts

  • Ontario is phasing out coal fired electricity by 2014 and increasing renewable energy like wind, solar and biomass.
  • Noise, vibration and acoustics experts Howe Gastmeier Chapnik Limited (HGC Engineering) conducted the study.
  • The consultants looked at more than 100 papers and reports from Ontario, Alberta, and countries around the world.
  • Ontario will continue to monitor this evolving science's technical developments, and any emerging regulatory policies introduced in other countries.

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“Our priority is to develop renewable energy in a way that protects Ontarians. This report finds that we are on the right track by taking a cautious approach when setting standards for wind turbine setbacks and sound limits.”

Jim Bradley

Minister of the Environment

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